MLB The Show 22: Diamond Dynasty Weekly To-Do List, Roster Update arrives May 26

MLB The Show 22 has plenty of new content coming to Diamond Dynasty, and that includes the next major ratings shift.

We've got details on all the big events you need to focus on in this Diamond Dynasty Weekly To-Do List for MLB The Show 22.

MLB The Show 22 Schedule: Week of May 23

With the Halladay and Friends program now in place, players will have to keep in mind just how short this offering is in Diamond Dynasty.

Contrary to the other more lengthy programs, Halladay and Friends is just two weeks long with a conclusion already creeping up.

Here's our MLB The Show 22 schedule for the week of May 23 including all new content in Diamond Dynasty:

  • May 24: Doc's Clinic Event ends at 11am PT
  • May 24: Ring The Bell Event begins at Noon PT
  • May 24: New Halladay-themed Showdown for bonus XP in Halladay & Friends program
  • May 24: Headliners Set 16 released with Prime Jared Weaver
  • May 26: Roster Update with ratings changes
  • May 26: New Moments & Conquest map for Halladay & Friends program
  • June 3: Halladay & Friends program ends and 4th Featured Program begins at Noon PT

You can find the ongoing Diamond Dynasty Content Schedule here.

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Invest ahead of the Roster Update

While some changes are made weekly, it's normally a two week waiting period for ratings changes and we're almost due for another shift.

If there are players you think are due for an upgrade, pick up their cards ahead of this Thursday's roster update.

MLB The Show 22 Roster Update
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NEW DIAMONDS: These five went Diamond in the last ratings shift

Once the ratings changes have been made, any correct investments can net major stubs if sold after their value has increased.

Halladay and Friends Conquest, Showdown

One of the best ways to earn XP for the brief Halladay and Friends program is by completing the Conquest maps and upcoming Showdown.

Only one map is available now, but the second on Thursday, May 26 is likely to offer another solid 30,000 XP chunk for completion.

Each of these will also expire with the program, so don't wait too long and miss your shot at the hidden rewards and XP that you can earn.

Doc's Clinic and Ring The Bell

Events are always in a quick flux within Diamond Dynasty, and we've got the Doc's Clinic Event now down to less than 24 hours remaining.

Players can make one last push to snag any of the rewards, but keep in mind there'll also likely be a short window for Ring The Bell.

We've already learned a special Takashi Series Trevor Hoffman at a 93 OVR rating will be the top prize in this Event.

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