MLB The Show 22: Diamond Choice pack reveals Mickey Mantle & Rickey Henderson

MLB The Show 22 is beginning to reveal the Diamond Choice packs that players will get to choose from when they first launch Diamond Dynasty.

We've learned who the first two legends are and more are to be revealed later today. However, some don't know how to get their hands on this pack.

We've got the reveals and how you can get them by placing an MLB The Show 22 pre order.

Diamond Choice pack cards revealed

Kicking off the Diamond Choice pack in MLB The Show 22 is none other a player considered to be one of the best in MLB history, Mickey Mantle.

Both Mantle and the other reveal Rickey Henderson had their card artwork designed by Takashi Okazaki. Cards with this anime-style design will be a part of the Okazaki series.

MLB The Show 22 Diamond Choice packs
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DIAMOND CHOICE PACKS: Two of three cards have been revealed so far

With two of three revealed for the Diamond Choice packs in MLB The Show 22, we decided to make some predictions on the other three:

  • Chipper Jones
  • Shohei Ohtani
  • Lou Gehrig

We could be off by a mile with how many players there are to choose from in MLB past and present. However, it would make sense to see the cover athlete in this pack.

Now, let's go over how you can get your hands on one.

Pre Order MLB The Show 22

The only way for you to get your hands on the MLB The Show 22 Diamond Choice packs is by placing an MLB The Show 22 pre order.

Not on the Standard Edition either, but on the MVP Edition or Digital Deluxe Edition. The good news is you'll receive a lot for the money you'll spend.

MLB The Show 22 Diamond Choice packs
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PRE ORDER TODAY: Check out all the MLB The Show 22 pre order rewards

Rewards available for MLB The Show 22 MVP and Digital Deluxe Edition are as followed:

  • [4] Days Early Access
  • Access to both PS4 and PS5
  • Double Daily Login Rewards (For the life cycle of MLB The Show 22)
  • Additional Items:
    • [1] Diamond Choice Packs
    • [1] Cover Athlete Diamond Choice Pack
    • [5] Gold Choice Packs
    • [1] Ballplayer Pack
    • [20] The Show Packs
    • [25,000] Stubs for MLB The Show 22
  • Shohei Ohtani Bat Skin

If you're looking for more reasons to pre order MLB The Show 22, follow this link.

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