MLB The Show 21 Xbox 2020: How Series X will change San Deigo Studio's baseball sim

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MLB The Show 20 releases in fewer than seven weeks, but our focus is beyond that as MLB The Show 21 will be the first The Show to drop on Xbox, which means it's coming to the Xbox Series X.

MLB The Show 20 releases in just about seven weeks. It is shaping up to be a huge step for the franchise as it celebrates its 15th Anniversary as we have already seen teasers for some huge new features coming to the game across Franchise Mode and Diamond Dynasty.

That’s in March, then in November/December all gamers will be treated to the next generation of gaming consoles as the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X will hit the shelves.

The latter is particularly relevant to MLB fans who use Xbox, as for the first time ever the game seems set to release on multiple platforms in 2021 after San Diego Studios, Sony and the MLB reached a new agreement just weeks ago.

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With the next generation of consoles arriving, and the future of MLB The Show being multi-platform, what does the Xbox Series X mean for MLB The Show 21?

What to expect from Xbox Series X

There is yet to be much information about
the Xbox Series X as Microsoft have kept a tight lip about much of the console’s
information. But, there are a few little nuggets we do know.


With the new slogan ‘Power Your Dreams’, Microsoft are aiming high with the capabilities of their new console. With its new 16GB GDDR6 RAM it will be a whopping four times more powerful than the Xbox One X – the most powerful home console every made.

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This will bring never-before-seen framerates and resolutions to gaming as the console will support 8K and 120-frames-per-second. Those specs themselves are hard to completely understand, but rest assured it will look incredible.

It will also support variable refresh rates
and real-time ray tracing. This console is going to be a beast.

Goodbye load times

A huge focus of the Series X is eliminating load times altogether. Working with AMD they have a brand new, custom-designed, AMD CPU and a custom AMD Navi-based GPU.

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The power of those two, along with NVMe SSD
storage, mean loading times and installation times are set to be enormously reduced.
Some early testing has shown a 40x performance increase over the Xbox One

So, at a minimum you can expect the first
Xbox version of MLB The Show to bring you from game to game at an incredible
rate as you chug through seasons across all game modes.

What does this mean for MLB The Show 21?

MLB The Show 21 can be expected to release around March/April 2021. By this point the next-gen consoles will have been out for at least a few months.

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So, straight from launch, The Show 21 is
going to be a baseball game experience unlike anything we have ever seen.

  • The overall experience of the game is going to be streamlined. With reduced or non-existent load times, switching between game modes or going into games is going to be seamless. You’re going to be able to play a lot more in any set amount of time.
  • The brand new graphics and real-time ray tracing will mean the whole game is going to look incredible. From the players to the crowds, fields and stadiums, it is going to look more realistic than ever.
  • In addition, 8K supported gameplay and 120 FPS mean the ultra-realistic graphics will also be displayed so crisply. The overall presentation of the game, from realism to the physical display, is going to be superb. You can expect it to look better than the video below.

Ultimately, not only will Xbox fans finally be able to play an officially licensed, brand new baseball sim, it is going to be bringing the best virtual baseball experience ever created.

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