Springer among potential Diamonds in Roster Update

MLB The Show 21 has stayed fairly constant with a new roster update in Diamond Dynasty landing almost exactly every two weeks, and that means new Diamonds are on the way.

We're looking ahead to this Friday's next roster update and some of the Live Series players who could jump to Diamond status next in MLB The Show 21.

MLB The Show 21 Roster Update

MLB The Show 21 had been sticking to a very strict bi-weekly roster update schedule, but the last few weeks went a bit differently, likely due to the All-Star Game.

With the 5th Inning Program also due this Friday as the 4th Inning Program ends, they may have decided to delay one week to line up those releases, but either way we're finally getting the next roster update this Friday.

As of now, the next roster update is schedule for Friday, July 30, 2021 and should go live at approximately Noon PT (2pm CT/3pm ET).

For clarity, these attribute adjustments are specific to Diamond Dynasty and will only alter Live Series cards.

New Diamonds Predictions

After a record-breaking 10 different players made the jump to Diamond status in the June 25 Roster Update, it wasn't surprising to see that level back up last time.

The July 9 Roster Update, which is the most recent full roster update, saw just three players jump to Diamond tier with a ratings boost.

While none of these are guaranteed, there are four players we're watching closely that seem most likely to be new Diamonds with this roster update.

If you're hoping to invest, you can purchase multiple copies of any Gold player for under 5000 Stubs and be able to instantly quicksell for 5000 Stubs if they go Diamond.

Freddy Peralta, Currently 84 OVR, Milwaukee Brewers

Freddy Peralta has been in the conversation for a jump to Diamond for some time, but his excellence as of late may finally be enough to push him over the edge.

Fortunately for Peralta, his current 84 OVR rating means that it won't take much to get him over the hump with the next Roster Update.

George Springer, Currently 84 OVR, Toronto Blue Jays

While everyone here has a good chance, the most likely jump to 85 OVR this time and taking Diamond status could be George Springer of the Toronto Blue Jays.

MLB The Show 21 George Springer Toronto Blue JAys roster update predictions
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HIT IT: Springer might finally power his way into that Diamond tier

With two home runs, .346 batting average, and .731 in slugging over his last seven games, Springer is holding strong and is close enough that he could definitely slip into Diamond status this time.

Pete Alonso, Currently 83 OVR, New York Mets

Needing a little extra boost to jump from 83 to 85 OVR will be a challenge, but we've seen plenty of players cover that gap in a roster update before.

With three home runs, 7 RBIs, and a slugging of .667 in his last 7 games, Pete Alonso is right on track to go Diamond as soon as this Friday.

Bo Bichette, Currently 83 OVR, Toronto Blue Jays

While not too crazy in his most recent games, Bo Bichette has been making his case for Diamond status all year long.

With 7 RBIs and two home runs to pair with a .308 batting average in the last seven games, Bichette could see just enough of a boost to break into that 85 OVR club.

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