MLB The Show 21 Update Targets Online Play

MLB The Show 21 has received another title update, Game Update 9, and we have the details on what's being fixed. While it is a small update overall, it primarily focuses on Online Head-to-Head play more than single player modes.

Game Update 9: Patch Notes for Version 1.09/1.009/

This MLB The Show 21 update is live as of 19 June at 4am PT.

It is version 1.09 for PS4, 1.009 for PS5 and for Xbox One and Series S and X consoles.

Given the fixes involved, this update shouldn't be too much of a strain on your hard drive.

The main fixes revolve around Online Head-to-Head with seven changes in total. One change in particular that is worth noting is the change to the Friendly Quit feature.

When accepting a Friendly Quit, you would accept the request with Square (PlayStation) or X (Xbox). This has now been changed to X (PlayStation) and A (Xbox).

It is explicitly stated in the patch notes that there are no hitting or gameplay balance changes in the update, so just the bugs and glitches being addressed this time around.

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MLB The Show 21 RTTS Updates

There are four changes in total to the popular Road To The Show mode also. Two are minor and relate to in game presentation, but two are more interesting as they relate to rewards and progression.

mlb the show 21 game update 9
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The RRTS updates are minor, but potentially impactful.

Previously, if your player was on the Injured List at the end of the season, you were ineligible for rewards, this has no been fixed to ensure rightful eligibility even if on Injured List.

Also, stats accrued by simulating games will no longer count towards program progression, meaning you will need to play the games in order to earn the progression rewards.

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