Road to the Show changes promised for future update

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MLB The Show 21 is now out for all players, even making an Xbox Game Pass debut, and many are enjoying the single-player career mode Road to the Show.

However, some player have already expressed criticism about feeling required to also play in Diamond Dynasty, which Sony San Diego has committed to address in a future update.


Road to the Show and Diamond Dynasty link Ballplayer

One of the new features in MLB The Show 21 was the introduction of Ballplayer, a new mechanic for a user-controlled create-a-player that allows them to travel between modes.

MLB The Show 21 Patch Update Road to the Show Diamond Dynasty Ballplayer
JOURNEY TO GREATNESS: Head from the Minors to the Majors in RTTS

Your Ballplayer can be improved in both Road to the Show and Diamond Dynasty, but because of that many players feel frustrated that they're required to play both modes.


While Road to the Show is a single-player Career Mode, Diamond Dynasty is an online-based Ultimate Team mode that some players aren't interested in.

Sony San Diego commits to changes in a future MLB The Show 21 update

In a recent post on, Sony San Diego Sr. Systems Designer Tony and Creative Director Nick explained that they've been listening closely to fan feedback during Early Access.

Taking into account the feedback they've seen from players, Sony San Diego has committed to the following changes in MLB The Show 21.

  • We’re fixing an issue where the user isn’t being prompted to create their player when starting RTTS in a future update*.
  • We’re fixing an issue where ballplayers aren’t getting enough progress from RTTS training choices and base gains in a future update.
  • We’re fixing issues where some loadouts do not progress your player as intended in a future update.
  • We’re buffing archetype items overall and will regulate Ballplayer in DD as needed without having to constrain growth in RTTS for non-RTTS reasons in a future update.
  • We’re looking into ways within the RTTS locker-room hub to better surface archetype progression and upgrades acquired.
  • We’re looking into ways of making it clearer that playing DD should be completely optional to progressing your Ballplayer or RTTS advancement. It IS true that playing RTTS is required to maximize the progress of your Ballplayer and while we are interested in any feedback on that moving forward, it is unlikely to change in ’21.

A timeline was not given for this upcoming patch update, but it sounds like Sony San Diego is committed to remedying the issue as soon as possible.