MLB The Show 21 update released, Double XP continues

MLB The Show 21 has released yet another update, and the patch notes for Game Update 4 show a handful of changes being made.

As well as the bug fixes and crashes that were hopefully remedied, this update notes a change in gameplay sliders and the continuation of Double XP in MLB The Show 21.

Latest - Update goes live, download sizes revealed

The latest game update for MLB The Show 21 has now gone live on all platforms, but the download size shows us just how tiny this update turned out to be.

The download size on PS4 was just 121.6mb, compared to the 3.267gb download size when Sony San Diego dropped Game Update 3.

This update was slightly larger on Xbox Series X|S clocking in at 979.21mb, but still significantly less than the 5.53gb file size on that platform from the last update.

While this one looks much less significant in terms of the volume of fixes made, Sony San Diego clearly felt the changes made in this update needed to happen immediately and shouldn't be saved for a larger or more extensive update.

MLB The Show 21 Game Update 4 Patch Notes (Version 1.04/1.004/1.37)

This MLB The Show 21 update is Version 1.04 on PS4, Version 1.004 on PS5, and Version 1.37 on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S.

The update was deployed as downloadable for all platforms on May 4, 2021 at 4am PT (6am CT/7am ET).

While not a huge update, Sony San Diego felt it was worth going ahead and sending this one out to MLB The Show 21 players.

Here are the full patch notes for Game Update 4:

  • Fixed a crash that would happen after opening presentations in RTTS and Franchise
  • Changes made to sliders – gameplay sliders now cut XP by 50% instead of 100%. Non-gameplay sliders do not impact XP
  • Moved the All-Star game to Colorado
  • Audio fixes for loanDepot Park

After the patch notes, Sony San Diego also reassured players that they "will continue to monitor performance and work to improve stability" as they move forward.

Double XP continues in MLB The Show 21

In addition to the changes revealed in the patch notes for Game Update 4, we also got confirmation the event which initially started as Double XP Weekend still isn't over.

Due to the continued server issues and various bugs that players have had to deal with, MLB The Show 21 players can continue to enjoy Double XP for the foreseeable future.

MLB The Show 21 update game title patch notes 4 version 1.04 1.004 1.37
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KEEP PLAYING: Get the most out of Double XP while you can

While this won't be a permanent feature, Sony San Diego seems committed to paying back fans for their patience as launch struggles and issues are slowly resolved for MLB The Show 21.

You can find the patch notes here for Game Update 3, which made many significant fixes across Road to the Show, Diamond Dynasty, and several other game modes.

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