MLB The Show 20: Diamond Dynasty - How to unlock Jorge Posada

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Alongside plenty of new Diamond Dynasty content today, Jorge Posada has officially arrived in MLB The Show 20.

That means the legendary Yankees catcher can be on your squad in no time if you know how to unlock him.

Let's go over how to get Posada into your Diamond Dynasty lineup.

Jorge Posada

MLB The Show 20 Diamond Dynasty Jorge Posada stats card
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HE'S HERE: Jorge Posada takes the mound in The Show 20's Diamond Dynasty

Jorge Posada is a very welcome sight to one of the least talented positions in Diamond Dynasty, catcher.

Posada's best talents in-game are his great batting and general field skills. He has a whopping 122 Discipline, 70/95 Contact vs R/L, 82/69 Power vs R/L, and 90 Durability. All of his fielding skills are between 77 and 71, meaning there's little that can surprise Posada defensively.

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Posada can be an anchor for any Diamond Dynasty lineup. He's great for locking down in-field plays, greedy baserunners, and knocking in plenty of base hits.


MLB The Show 20 Diamond Dynasty Jorge Posada missions and rewards
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Take on some difficult missions on the way to unlocking Jorge Posada

To unlock Jorge Posada in Diamond Dynasty you'll have to earn 50 points. To do this you must beat missions and moments.

Posada's missions are very focused on offense at the plate, especially base hits. You must tally extra base hits with catchers, hits with breakout players, exchange catchers, and beat the New York Yankees on All-Star or higher.

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Even if you complete all missions, you will still only have 33 points of the 50 needed. That means you'll have to do more than just missions to bring in Posada.


MLB The Show 20 Diamond Dynasty Jorge Posada moments and rewards
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Relive Posada's greatest moments to bring him in to your Diamond Dynasty

While missions certainly give more points at once than moments, there are many different moments you can play to reach your 50 points. Posada's moments also revolve heavily around his performance offensively, requiring anything from 4 hits in a game to home runs to multiple RBIs.

Each moment gives only 4 or 5 points each, which means you'll have to be smart planning out your way to 50 points.

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You'll have to do some combination of moments and missions to unlock Posada, so plan your route accordingly.


MLB The Show 20 Diamond Dynasty Jorge Posada rewards
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Pick up stub and packs on the way to unlocking Jorge Posada

Along with Jorge Posada there are many rewards to reach along the way.

This includes 500 stubs at 10 points, 100 stubs and a Yankees Silver + Bronze Team Pack at 20 points, 1000 stubs at 30 points, 250 stubs and 2 Yankees Silver + Bronze Team Packs at 40 points, and finally Jorge Posada and 500 stubs at 50 points.

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