Does MLB The Show 21 have Online Franchise Mode?

MLB The Show 21 has finally arrived on multiple platforms, and even Xbox Game Pass for the very first time.

While major improvements were made across the board, and in Franchise Mode, many players are still wondering if a long requested fan-favorite addition was made in MLB The Show 21.

Does MLB The Show 21 have Online Franchise Mode?

Sadly, no. The ability to create a Franchise and play online with friends is not available in MLB The Show 21.

While Sony San Diego did make some major upgrades to Franchise Mode connected to budget, trades, and the depth chart, Online Franchise was not something added this year.

It's sure to be a disappointment for those who have hoped the series would add it, but there's always a chance it lands at a later date.

When will MLB The Show 21 have Online Franchise Mode?

The truth is there's no guaranteed time frame, but Sony San Diego has already shown a commitment to listening to fans and making improvements even since the launch of Early Access.

Does MLB The Show 21 have Online Franchise Mode?
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GO IT ALONE: Players will have to enjoy Franchise with themselves and the CPU

Adding Online Franchise to MLB The Show 21 would be a major boost for a future update, but the reality is fans may have to wait for MLB The Show 22.

Sony San Diego has stated during the build to MLB The Show 21 that if they can't deliver on a feature the way they want to, they'd rather leave it out until they can.

Stadium Creator took years of work and the advantages of next gen technology to arrive, and unfortunately fans may just have to wait for Online Franchise in a future installment.

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