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Unfortunately, MLB The Show 23 servers will sometimes shut down due to many different problems. This will prevent you from playing your favourite game online, and force you to wait until the company solves the issues.

There are issues that take more time to solve than others, and some only affect a few people. When the MLB The Show 23 servers do go down, they can take quite some time to get back online. But don't worry, we will constantly be updating this article. So, you will always be up to date with the server status.

Let's check out the MLB The Show 23 server status.

Are MLB The Show 23 Servers Down?

The MLB The Show 23 servers were down for some hours on 24 April. Players experienced a sudden shutdown, with many being disconnected from their online games. Most players also didn't earn any XP for their season one reward path, with tasks or challenges progress also not being counted.

Many users weren't able to enter Diamond Dynasty. A message saying "An unhandled server exception occurred", was displayed to any users that tried to enter the mode. Those that still managed to enter, weren't able to play any game mode.

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Players that could enter Diamond Dynasty were facing many errors such as this one.

Fortunately, the MLB The Show 23 developers were quick to act, and have already fixed the server issues. Despite that, some players still experience a long loading time in Diamond Dynasty or any game mode inside it.

The community was happy about the quick response from the developers. However, this is the second time in a little more than a week, that the MLB The Show 23 servers crash. Many users feel like a free Show pack would be a good way to reward players for the inconvenience. They are also hoping any further problems are also fixed in a fast and effective way.

MLB The Show 23 servers underwent a restart on 12 May because of a new update. So far, the servers are working normally, and no major problem has been detected. Hopefully, it will stay this way.

Servers Status

Currently, the MLB The Show 23 servers are working without any problems. You can play Diamond Dynasty online, or even challenge your friends to some matches.

How To Create Stadiums

MLB The Show 23 gives players a wide range of customization options. Many of these options were vastly improved since the last title, giving players even more control. One of the most popular ones is the Create Stadiums option.

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Let your imagination run wild and customize this baseball field to your liking!

Players can now create some incredibly detailed and unique stadiums and also share them with the MLB The Show community. They can fully customize both the stadium and its surroundings, allowing players' imaginations to run wild.

So, if you want to know how to create impressive stadiums, be sure to check out our How To Create Stadiums In MLB The Show 23 guide.

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