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MLB The Show 23 has plenty of game modes capable of entertaining you for thousands of hours. You can rebuild your favourite Franchise, experience the dream of every baseball and trail your path to the MLB, or compete against other players and test your skills online.

However, there is nothing more enjoyable than playing against your friends. Winning a Diamond Dynasty match against your friend is more exciting than seeing your team win the World Series. Playing versus a friend is always a high stake game. If you lose he will never let you forget about it.

So, without further ado, let's find out how you can play against friends in MLB The Show 23.

How To Play Against Friends

It's actually quite simple for you to play against your friends in MLB The Show 23. But first, you should know that you can only play online against your friends in Diamond Dynasty and Co-op mode. In a mode such as Franchise, you would need your friend to be in the same space as you, and have an extra controller connected to your console.

First, you need to make sure you have your friends added to your friends list. To do that, click on your profile icon, go to my profile, and click on friends. If you don't have them added, click on send a new friend request, and search for the username of your friend.

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It's on the My Profile menu you will have access to your friends list.

Once that is done, go back to your My Profile tab, and make sure your cross-play option is set to on. You need it to be set to on, so you can play with friends from different platforms.

Then, just go to your friends list, click on one of your friends, and choose the invite for an exhibition match. In an exhibition match, you can play against your friend using the current MLB rosters.

However, if you want to show your friend just how fantastic the players you have on your Diamond Dynasty team are, you can also do it. Simply enter the Diamond Dynasty game mode, go to play, online modes, and select the play vs friends option. Then, just show your friends who's boss.

MLB The Show 23 Realistic Sliders

MLB The Show 23 is arguably the best baseball game ever, with the title giving players the option to change most settings to their liking. Among all the settings you can change, Sliders are the most important one. They allow you to recreate an even more realistic experience, making MLB The Show 23 even more immersive.

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There are many ways to customize your Sliders in MLB The Show 23

However, with so many different settings you can change inside Sliders, it can become a little hard to find the best ones. So, be sure to check out our MLB The Show 23 Realistic Sliders guide, and learn how to massively improve your gaming experience.

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