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Despite its great reviews, and being considered one of the best baseball games ever. MLB The Show 23 is always looking to improve, constantly updating its game. These updates improve the players' gaming experience and fix some major bugs as well.

This Friday, 12 May, the MLB The Show 23 game update 5 will be released. Similar to update 4, it focuses more on fixing bugs, and slightly improving some features. Worth noting that, update 5 doesn't bring any gameplay changes to MLB The Show 23.

So, without further ado, let's check out Update 5 of MLB The Show 23.

MLB The Show 23 Game Update 5

As mentioned above, this update will go live this Friday 12 May, at 4 AM PT/ 12 PM GMT. It will fix many bugs and exploits that were affecting the game, especially in Diamond Dynasty. There is also the introduction of a new feature, to the March to October and Franchise game modes. The Co-op mode will also undergo some fixes.

All of these changes are made to improve the players' immersion and gaming experience. They make MLB The Show 23 more entertaining to play and also fairer.

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The developers have done a great job so far in listening to the community's feedback. They have been very quick to solve any issues that arise in the game, and this update proves just that.

Diamond Dynasty will receive many updates. The checkbox for completed goals in Mini Seasons changed. It will now display a green checkmark instead of a red X.

The CPU teams in Mini Seasons also received a small update. Now, the teams no longer use their home uniform in all their matches. Their logos will also display correctly on the loading screen from now on.

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The Franchise game mode will receive a massive update in the drafting feature.

Developers also managed to fix the "Your opponent has an invalid roster" bug in Mini Seasons. This bug was preventing many players from playing Mini Seasons, so it's good it was addressed. Many stability improvements will also be made across other Diamond Dynasty Games Modes.

If you want to know all the changes coming in Game Update 5, check the patch notes down below.

Game Update 5 Patch Notes


  • Fixed an issue which caused a user’s Ranked rating to reset once it reached 1,000.
  • Fixed a hang that could occur due to substitutions.
  • Fixed various hangs that could occur through specific timing of button inputs.
  • Fixed various intentional methods of freezing the game.

Online Head-To-Head

  • Fixed various hangs that could occur through specific timing of button inputs.
  • Fixed various intentional methods of freezing the game.

March to October and Franchise

  • For the first time in Franchise, players can view pitch type attributes of draft prospects. We’ve added the ability to toggle between player attributes and pitch types when viewing pitchers’ amateur player cards.


  • Retractable roof settings now function properly in Play vs Friends.
  • Various presentation fixes and polish.
  • Various commentary updates and adjustments.
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