Xbox could be on the cusp of a HUGE reveal: New Games, Reboots and more

Speculation is always rife in the gaming community, however with all the extra time on people's hands it's only natural that this be amplified even more.

Xbox has been busy sharing more information on Xbox Series X and with the most recent reveal of the PS5's new controller, DualSense, Microsoft will be itching to get something else out there ASAP.

Thankfully, reliable insider Shinobi602 has shared some exciting news that Xbox has a few incredible things lined up.

New games in the near future

Insider Shinobi602 was asked recently on a forum about details pertaining to a new set of releases for the Xbox.

Hinting that fans won't have to wait too long for some big reveals, he went onto drop a nugget of information that has people speculating hard.

When asked by one forum user for a small hint or a mere microscopic morsel at which to sink their teeth into - he obliged...sort of.

Shinobi response
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AIN'T SAYIN' NUTHIN': The insider doesn't share much, but it gives us some clue as to what's in store

His response keeps things deliberately vague, out of hesitation in having his name 'plastered on sites come morning'. However, his mention of 'Gorgeous fantasy worlds, reboots, big sci-fi' has fanned the flames.

Encouragingly he mentions that it 'should be a lot of fun', which is refreshing to hear in the midst of all the recent cancellations and delays.

What could it mean?

As is often the case with any speculation, the options are seemingly endless as to what this could mean, but one game in particular seems to fit the bill.

Halo Infinite has been hotly anticipated, and with all the talk of PS5 Exclusives, such as God of War 2, Horizon Zero Dawn 2 and Gran Turismo 7 - it would seem like a smart move to remind players of the legendary game.

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MASTERFUL: Expectations are out of this word for the Halo Infinite

Shinobi602's thoughts inject a bright sense of things to come and we hope his track record means he's right this time around also.

For all the latest on upcoming Xbox releases, keep checking in.

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