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PS5 DualSense controller: Patent shows Built-in Mic NOISE CANCELLING feature, specs, details and more

Last night, the huge impact of Sony's new PS5 controller was felt all over the world.

The DualSense has been met with a completely mixed reception. On one side, we have those praising Sony's decision to redesign, refine and create an entirely new look for the next-gen console.

On the other side, many are drawing comparisons between the Xbox controller, stating it is a move away from the slim aesthetic of Playstation towards a bulkier feel.

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One thing's for sure though - there are a whole host of new features that stand the controller apart from the previous Dual Shock 4 (check out our comparison here).

But with the announcement only made recently, more information regarding the finer details are starting to emerge - which highlighting how much of a game-changer the DualSense controller will be.

Let's take a look at what a recent published patent reveals about The DuelSense's unique built in mic feature.

Noise Cancelling

The latest details emerging about Sony's DualSense controller revolve around the built in mic - a feature that wasn't on the DualShock 4 controller.

The first thing you would be forgiven in thinking would be that a plethora of unwanted sounds would be streaming down the mic and into the game, with this new feature.

How many times have players experienced background noise in game, ranging from loud music, dogs barking, various phone alerts...the list is endless.

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MAKES SENSE: The new controller is designed with the player in mind

Luckily, it appears that Sony have recognised that this is something that needs fixing, according to a patent published recently.

The patent shows that the DualSense’s mic was designed to identify the player’s voice and filter out background noise.

The built in mic also has the ability to remove crosstalk when multiple controllers are in the same environment.

In short, if you're in playing PS5 in the same room as a friend, both can speak into their controllers without it becoming too much of a headache for anyone listening on the other side.

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IS THIS THING ON? The built-in mic is said to be able to isolate the player's voice

What does this mean for gaming?

Whilst the controller will retain its functionality to add in different headsets, it seems that this move has 'accessibility' in mind.

Having the option to be able to communicate effectively with players online from-the-go is something people haven't experienced before, and can be expected to be well received.

With the countless players who enjoy speaking with others online across a huge landscape of genres, it would seem that Sony could be factoring in those who aren't so eager to be heard in game.

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Does this move mean that Sony is trying to temp these players out of the shell? Or could it just be a way to make the PS5 even more appealing?

Time will tell when initial reactions start coming in, but for now - we can rest assured that if the controller has stirred up this much hype, we better prepare for what the PS5 has in store for us...

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