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22 Nov 2020

WoW Shadowlands PVP Guide: Conquest, Honor, Vendors, Gear Upgrades, Battlegrounds, Arenas & more

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Shadowlands PVP

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The return of Honor, Conquest, and PVP Vendors

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Honor Points

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Conquest Points

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World of Warcraft's newest expansion, Shadowlands, is just one day away!

This expansion will bring back player from all corners of WoW history, and one particular kind of player has a lot to return to: PVPers.

Here's everything you need to know about WoW Shadowlands PVP.

Shadowlands PVP

PVP can at times feel like the forgotten side of World of Warcraft gameplay.

WoW Shadowlands PVP classic 1
A TALE AS OLD AS TIME: PVP has been a huge part of World of Warcraft since its inception

Many players have critiqued game balance decisions from Blizzard in the PVP world for years.

As the game continues to push out evolution to its PVE content, and ask PVPers to complete top end raiding to achieve their best-in-slot gear to PVP, many of these players have felt alienated.

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With WoW Shadowlands, Blizzard is giving back some big things back to the PVP community.

So let's dive into the details.

The return of Honor, Conquest, and PVP Vendors

WoW Shadowlands is returning to the vendor PVP gearing system.

WoW Shadowlands PVP Vendors 1
NEW FACES: These will be the PVP vendors in WoW Shadowlands

This is a departure from the loot box variation of PVP loot where players have a chance to open a piece of gear after Battlegrounds and Arenas.

Instead, players will earn a currency for their wins, Honor and Conquest.

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Players can spend Conquest Points at PVP vendors to pick up PVP gear.

Players can spend Honor Points to upgrade their Great Vault (a reworked Weekly Chest). This will give you more choices for your weekly item after reaching certain caps. Honor Points can also be used to upgrade lower level PVP gear's stats and Item Level.

This system gives players control over their gearing in PVP, which is a huge plus to the ecosystem.

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If you want to spend your Conquest as soon as you get it, you'll be able to. This means if you can't save up your Conquest Points, you can pick up a smaller upgrade in one week. But if you want to save for a big purchase, you can, and are rewarded when you land that huge upgrade of a chest, shoulders, or legs that took multiple Conquest Point caps.

So how are Honor and Conquest earned?

Honor Points

As of a new addition to the Shadowlands beta,, Honor Points will be the reward for all of PVP. This includes Rated and Non-Rated queues.

Honor is an uncapped reward, so players who want to keep grinding PVP beyond their Conquest Point caps can do so and still build up their progression.

While Honor Points can't be exchanged directly for PVP gear like Conquest Points, Honor can be used to upgrade your Great Vault.

Shadowlands gear upgrading Honor Points PVP
PROGRESSION: Item upgrading is back in Shadowlands, and will add more options for progression

It can also upgrade your lower level PVP gear's stats and Item Levels!

Upgrading your Great Vault will allow you more options to choose from what is essentially your Weekly Chest.

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These upgrades are weekly, and work like this:

  • Earning 1250 Honor Points from Rated PVP in a week from will upgrade your Great Vault.
  • Earning 2500 Honor Points from Rated PVP in a week will upgrade your Great Vault a second time.
  • And earning 6250 Honor Points from Rated PVP in a week will upgrade your Great Vault a third and final time.

By upgrading your Great Vault with Honor, you will add PVP options to the gear pool. This give you more choices for your weekly gear piece from the Great Vault.

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It's important to note that no matter how many times you upgrade your Great Vault, you'll only ever get one piece of gear from it per week. Your upgrades will, however, give you more choices for that piece of gear.

Conquest Points

Conquest Points will be the biggest WoW Shadowlands PVP currency.

That's because Conquest Points will directly translate to PVP gear via PVP vendors.

Conquest Points can be earned through Rated PVP, which includes Arenas and Rated Battlegrounds. This may be expanded to daily rewards as well for things like Battleground wins (with diminishing returns.) That is if this system returns from Battle for Azeroth.

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Conquest Points are capped each week, which means you can only earn so many each weekly reset.

This means reaching the cap is hugely important, and for players willing to a wait a week for bigger upgrades by combining two Conquest Point caps, the reward will be there.


Blizzard have yet to announce a new WoW Shadowlands battleground.

Wow Shadowlands Battlegrounds RBGs rated 1 1
BACK TO BASICS: Battlegrounds will remain the same in WoW Shadowlands

As a new battleground has come in most World of Warcraft expansions, this may be a bit of a letdown for many players.

The good news is that for those players that are diehard fans of the originals, Alterac Valley, Warsong Gulch, and Arathi Basin, you'll have less clutter to veto.

With Rated PVP being so important to PVP Gearing in WoW Shadowlands, you can expect a revival in the Rated Battelground (RBG) scene!


Blizzard have also yet to announce a new WoW Shadowlands arena.

While arena locations aren't as significant as battlegrounds, PVPers were hoping for a bit of new scenery. And of course, new pillars to run around.

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With the return of Conquest Point and Honor Point rewards for Arenas, you can expect the Arena population to explode in popularity!

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