Everything We Know About Crossplay In Back 4 Blood

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Games like Back 4 Blood are meant for crossplay. It's simple to think that there should be no game that ties itself to only playing with the players who own the same console but that's not how things have played out.

We're taking a look at the Back 4 Blood plans for crossplay to see how it will be implemented and when.

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Will Back 4 Blood Have Crossplay

Currently, the plans are for Back 4 Blood to feature unrestricted crossplay and cross-gen support at launch.


We say 'the plans' because developer Turtle Rock Studios are yet to give firm confirmation that it will be available. Despite this, they have assured fans it is a priority.


We know that the next beta phase will include crossplay, but whether or not this makes it into the launch version of the game is yet to be seen.

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What Back 4 Blood Modes Will Be Crossplay

Both the campaign and multiplayer modes will be crossplay. Whether it is at launch or post-release, every aspect of the game will be cross-play enabled.

This ensures that if you're just in it for the story, or want to get competitive, you can group up with friends across platforms and generations to slay the ridden.

It's possible that if there is a ranked mode for online play, that crossplay could be restricted as it is in other games, but this is unconfirmed at this point.

Is Back 4 Blood On Xbox Game Pass Restricted From Crossplay

No, regardless of how you access the game, be it a physical, digital or Game Pass copy, Back 4 Blood cross-play will be accessible.


As with any Game Pass versions of games, there are not restrictions in place to limit the experience. You will still be able to log-on and play with your friends regardless of platform.