When will AEW Fight Forever be released?

AEW Fight Forever Bryan Danielson

AEW Fight Forever Bryan Danielson

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AEW Fight Forever is turning into quite the mystery, with the game hanging in limbo for nearly a year.

With WWE 2K23 released and the game receiving immense critical acclaim, it looks as if the team behind AEW Fight Forever are fighting a losing battle.

That being said, anticipation continues to rise for the series debut, with the AEW Fight Forever release date remaining one of the biggest focal points.

Here's everything we know so far about the AEW Fight Forever release date and when more details should be confirmed.


A release date has finally been set for AEW Fight Forever!

AEW Fight Forever will release on June 29, meaning there's only a month to wait until this game releases.

A game that has been shrouded in mystery since its reveal, AEW Fight Forever has been highly anticipated but has come under fire for a lack of clarity.

With a release date incredibly close to being confirmed, we could finally see the wheels start moving on this major wrestling title.

When will AEW Fight Forever be released?

AEW Fight Forever will be the first console game from AEW Games and the biggest new option for wrestling fans in years when it finally arrives.

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AEW Fight Forever release date
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Our predicted AEW Fight Forever release date was February 2023, based on the latest news and what AEW has on their own calendar in the coming months.

We now know that AEW Fight Forever will release on June 29.

AEW Fight Forever Omega
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ALL QUIET - It's been a while since we received news regarding AEW Fight Forever

We've received a mix of reports and even comments from Executive Vice President Kenny Omega, who has been heavily involved in the development of AEW Fight Forever, that they were hoping to deliver it by the end of 2022.

That was further implied by the placeholder AEW Fight Forever release date of December 31, 2022 that online retailers used when pre-order listings went live.

At this point, with the future extremely unclear, we're not sure when our next piece of news will drop for AEW Fight Forever.

Pre-Order, Platforms & Price

Once the formal announcement was made, we learned AEW Fight Forever will be available on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

On top of that, the game will have a standardized $59.99 price point across all platforms with no price hike on next-gen editions.

AEW Fight Forever screenshot Jon Moxley Kenny Omega
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We don't yet know if AEW Fight Forever will have any sort of Deluxe Edition with extra content or Early Access, but the standard edition is already available for pre order.

Fans who hope to be notified when an official release date is announced may also want to wishlist AEW Fight Forever on Steam.

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