Undisputed revealed as new name for eSports Boxing Club per ESBC Creative Director

There's a new announcement as eSports Boxing Club has a new name, Undisputed, which was revealed today.

Creative Director Ash Habib revealed the name change and the reason for it. We'll have the video for you below along with the latest news from the game.

Undisputed is the new ESBC name

This huge update was unseen as what was known as eSports Boxing Club will now be known as Undisputed.

The strange part is that the new name didn't come with a release date, only a change for the game. Creative Director Ash Habib details the change below.

It would seem the name change to Undisputed is only to help clear up confusion surrounding the name eSports Boxing Club.

Habib said that several questions surrounded the "eSports" titling and although it clears up a bit of confusion, we still wonder when Undisputed will be released.

Latest Undisputed Roundtable

The latest Undisputed roundtable took place in early September and provided players with another update on the game's development.

Unfortunately, nothing was announced in terms of release date for the game but they did cover fighter traits, which was fun to learn.

It was revealed during the Undisputed community questions area that things such as hand speed will be different between weight classes and fighters.

There were also updates surrounding Career Mode and how there could be different versions of fighters (i.e. Prime and Comeback).

There was also talk of Early Access towards the end of the video, so keep an ear open for that.

Release Date & Gameplay

The good news is Undisputed is planning on doing a beta test before the official release of the game.

The date for the beta wasn't revealed, and neither was the release date but now we're thinking it will be pushed to an early 2023 release.

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GAMEPLAY: Check out some of our Undisputed gameplay videos

In terms of gameplay, it seems that Undisputed might be adjusting some of the clinch mechanics, after testing it during the last roundtable, which you can watch here.

There will likely be more Developer Roundtable discussions for Undisputed and whenever one is released, we'll be sure to let you know.

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