UFL: Incredible Hashtag United Stadium Showcased

UFL hashtag United

UFL hashtag United

UFL is a brand new game hoping to bring some much-needed competition to the football gaming sphere.

The game will be free-to-play and already boasts an impressive license portfolio.

One of those major partners is Hashtag United, the YouTube start-up team currently working their way through the English football pyramid.

With that in mind, an impressive new stadium has been added to UFL, with this arena being available to use when the game officially launches.

Hashtag United Stadium Showcased

UFL is filling up the hype train once again by showcasing a brand new stadium design coming to their game.

Slated as the new home of Hashtag United in-game, this stadium certainly impresses on first glance.

UFL hashtag Arena
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HASHTAG ARENA - The new stadium design has been revealed

The official UFL account stated on Twitter:

Our new in-game stadium is the result of dedicated collaboration between UFL & the Hashtag United community
From first sketches & community design selection to the immersive experience of having your favourite club’s home ground in UFL

Hashtag were confirmed as a major partner for the game some time back, with the game also the present short sponsor of the side.

UFL Licences

One aspect that could ruin the game before it's even released is how real to life it will feel, with a main part of this being gained through licences so users can control real-life players and teams.

Two players approach the ball in UFL
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FAIR TO PLAY - A fresh experience for gamers tired of the pay-to-win model

Thankfully, Strikerz Inc. has teamed up with FIFPRO, the world's biggest representative organization for 65,000 professional footballers - the same organization that EA use for FIFA.

Another edge they could have over the competition is their partnership with InStat, a leader in sports performance analysis, which can give updated statistics for each player.

Unsurprisingly, West Ham was revealed as an official partner of the game, with kits and badges being available in-game.

As the team used in the trailer, it was only a matter of time before this was confirmed.

ufl ambassadors
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FRONT LINE - UFL has pulled in some top quality stars

Other sides to have aligned themselves with UFL are Shakhtar Donetsk, Borussia Monchengladbach, Monaco, Besiktas, Celtic, Rangers, and Hashtag United, although a question mark now surrounds the Scottish clubs.

UFL Release Date

There is no official release date just yet, with UFL now set for a 2023 release. A statement on the UFL website reads as follows:

UFL is an exceptionally complex project, featuring a wide range of football mechanics and techniques, as well as dynamic animations, world-class play styles, and so much more. Strikerz Inc. cares most of all about meeting our players’ expectations and wants to make sure our team has enough time to make UFL everything it should be. In order to make the best game possible,
the release will be pushed to 2023.

With no news on the game on the site since September, we are eagerly anticipating their next announcement.

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