UFC 4 Beta: How to Register, Access, Game Modes, Release Date, Pre-Order & More

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UFC 4 is set to begin a new chapter for the mixed martial arts fighting game, considering how UFC 3 released roughly 18 months ago.

There have been some issues with some players' inability to access the closed beta, despite signing up and being sent a code by EA.

Continue below for everything we know about the beta, as well as EA's update on the faulty download.


UFC 4 will be coming out for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on Friday 14 August.

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STREET BRAWLER: Jorge Masvidal is one of the two cover stars for UFC 4

Fascinatingly enough, PC fans of the UFC have gone as far as creating a petition on change.org to see some change for their platform.

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Now, while we've already seen a closed beta for the upcoming UFC 4, there's a good chance that a new build will become available to certain players.

For those of you wondering about the beta, we're going to take you through how to access it.

How to Get Access

Recently, a select list of UFC fans was able to access the closed beta by following a link and registering their interest.

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LEGENDARY FIGHTERS: We caught a glimpse of Bruce Lee in the trailer!

After registering, players were sent a link with an access code that allowed them to download the beta from the Microsoft Store.

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The download size was 10.47GB on Xbox One and 10.8 GB on PlayStation 4.

However, there have been multiple issues with access codes, with a lot of players reporting that the code they had received was faulty.

EA has since addressed the issue and made a statement on their site, so you ought to check it out!

Game Modes

We know you’re all dying to hear about which game modes will be in UFC 4, so the ones we know about so far are:

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BACK WITH A BANG: UFC 3’s cover star Connor McGregor will, of course, be featuring in the next title

  • Fight Now (Knockout Mode, Stand and Bang and Custom)
  • Career Mode
  • Tournaments
  • Custom Events
  • Online World Championships (online only)
  • Blitz Battles (online only)
  • Quick Fight (online only)
  • Invite (online only)

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Career mode will now include the opportunity to build relationships with fighters through social media, leaving the choice with the player.

A standout online feature will be the world championship mode, in which gamers can take their fighter and climb the leaderboards to the very top.

There will also be a fast-paced mode called “Blitz Battles” which allows you to compete with online opponents in a quick tournament.


Those of you in the UK - you can already pre-order the title from GAME for just £54.99, or at Amazon UK for £59.99.

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SLICE AND DICE: The MMA fighter Kimbo Slice looks set to be playable in the game

Before you do, make sure you've read up on all of the insane pre-order bonuses!

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