The teases for Mortal Kombat 12 have begun!

Like clockwork, a new Mortal Kombat game is rumoured to be in development and suddenly, the sneaky in-house teases begin. The first real buzz around Mortal Kombat 12 started when Ed Boon and John Tobias were spotted in and around The Game Awards, but nothing came of this.

Fast forward into this week and we have a fresh new tease that has a lot more legs to it! Thanks to Reddit, who never let anything slip by, a now-deleted tweet from Jonathan Andersen included a photo with some very interesting features.

Is Mortal Kombat 12 coming soon?

It's almost impossible to say how far away Mortal Kombat 12 is, but in the image from the tweet, it's certainly being talked about!

mortal kombat 12 teaser
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Text in the top right of this image hints towards MK12_Mast as a program file

In the top right of the image, a program can be seen on Andersen's desktop that reads MR12_Mast. This could be the 'master build' of the game but that would suggest things are much further along given that we've had nothing official from Netherrealm just yet.

Beyond the suspicious file, we can also see part of what appears to be an email. This is the part of the photo that has people thinking this might be a little more staged than we initially thought.

What we can see is from someone called Christine who mentions a video that is not to be shared. It also points out the fans 'will scrape the internet for any trace' and even though we can't see the conclusion of this sentence, we can use our imagination.

Some have speculated that the image of Wonder Woman could be a tease for Injustice 3 but it appears that it is instead concept art for their Injustice 1 or 2. Injustice was believed to be the next game coming from Netherrealm but it appears they might jump from Mortal Kombat 11 straight into 12!

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