The Game Awards 2021 - Start Date, Time, How to Watch & More

With just hours to go, The Game Awards is within touching distance and we couldn't be more excited! No one can argue with the six titles selected for Game of the Year but there are some omissions that feel should have been included. Luckily, the Players' Voice award gives these games a chance to still get their recognition.

This huge show has become something of a major date in the calendar each year as it provides huge talking points and even a few huge reveals.

It takes the best parts of the industry from AAA productions to indie darlings and treats them as equals. What will be the big winners this year and what reveals could we possibly be treated to?

LATEST - The Stars are Coming!

We've seen some huge names announced as presenters and musical acts for when The Game Awards goes live!

Keanu Reeves, Carrie-Ann Moss, Guillermo Delo Toro, Laura Bailey, Ashley Johnson, Giancarlo Esposito, Imagine Dragons, Sting and many more will be featured throughout the evening!

It's set to be an absolute spectacle to make up for last years virtual event.

GOTY Nominees

The Game of the Year Nominees are out and these six games will fight it out to see who takes home the award. There's a great mix of genres and budgets within the selection but games like Returnal and Forza Horizon 5 could feel hard done by as they miss out.

Game Appearances / Reveals Suggested?

We will apparently be treated to more than 40 game appearances during The Game Awards. It's also been suggested that we'll be seeing over 10 brand new game reveals.

This gives us plenty of time to start theorising which games could be announced at the show! We're looking forward to hearing about the nominees soon and the full reveal of the categories on offer.

The Game Awards Date & Time

We're still a few weeks away from The Game Awards as they'll take place on Thursday, 9 December. The pre-show event starts at 19:30 ET / 16:30 PT.

For European viewers, it'll be a late night if you want to watch live at the event will not start until 00:30 GMT / 01:00 CET on Friday, 10 December. You can catch the show live and free on YouTube, Twitch & Twitter.

What Reveals Could Happen?

While there are no solid leads on reveals that could take place during this year's awards show, one possibility has us very excited. Everyone knows that host and Game Awards creator Geoff Keighley is good friends with Hideo Kojima... you see where this is going, right?

Now that Death Stranding Director's Cut is out, Kojima is without a known project to work on. It's very possible that if Geoff asks nicely, we could get some hint and tease of what Kojima is working on next (Abandoned is looking very unlikely now).

We may also see some more of Elden Ring, perhaps a full gameplay reveal, following its unfortunate short delay that was announced recently.

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