PUBG's newest weapon is a certified beast and it's coming soon

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There's a new Sniper Rifle coming to PUBG and it is going to be an absolute beast. Here's everything we know about this new addition to PUBG's growing armoury ahead of the full Season 12 update.

PUBG's New Sniper Rifle

At the moment, we still don't know the specifics of how it will perform in-game but we do have a small insight into what it's going to be like.

The Lynx AMR is an Anti-Material Rifle, more than a new Sniper Rifle. It's going to have a semi-automatic firing option that packs a punch against pretty much anything in its path.

PUBG New Sniper Rifle Miramar
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A SOLID TACTIC - If you have a good shot, using a Sniper Rifle is always a good idea

It's being designed as a weapon to help PUBG players take on enemy vehicles but it also does a job at clearing out an enemy player if you can land the shot. The only difference between this and the current array of Sniper Rifles in PUBG at the moment is that the Lynx AMR is a lot slower. It also comes with a limited amount of ammo in order to help balance its high damage output.

PUBG Update 12.1 Patch Notes

If you're hoping for a bit more of a breakdown in the latest PUBG Patch Notes, we're sorry to say that there isn't anything to report.

Here's what the 12.1 Patch notes have had to say about the new AMR...

  • PUBG’s first .50 calibre weapon
  • The Lynx AMR is first and foremost the best anti-vehicle sniper rifle in the game, capable of destroying BRDMs and even penetrating the windows to kill its occupants.
    • Capable of destroying weak vehicles like motorcycles in a single shot and most regular vehicles in two or three shots.
  • Players have five shots only, with no way to reload.
  • Spawns in Care Package only on Miramar in Normal Matches. In a future update, the Lynx will be added to Custom Matches and Training Mode

The Lynx AMR is going to be added to Care Packages on the new Miramar from June 2nd; This is when the Season 12 update goes live on the game's main servers. It will be coming to Custom Matches and PUBG's Training Mode in the future.

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