What is the Psychonauts 2 Release time on Xbox Game Pass ?

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Psychonauts 2 has almost arrived and it has already been met with tonnes of fanfare and great reviews. Needless to say, there are lots of reasons to want to get stuck in on release.

With a release into Xbox Game Pass on day one, millions of players will give the game a go for a reasonable price but we still have to wait a little while to play it for ourselves. Here's when Psychonauts will release and when you can play it.

Release Date

Psychonauts 2 officially releases on August 25th, just one day from the time of writing.

Releasing on a Wednesday, most players will likely end up with the game on Friday, prepared for a weekend of puzzle platforming. You can preorder or preload the game right now to get everything ready in time.

Release Time on Game Pass

If you click on the game itself on Xbox, it will inform you that Psychonauts 2 is set to go live on August 25th at 1 am BST. The time is likely similar around the world, meaning you can play it an hour after midnight.

Unfortunately, games can always run into their own issues so, if it doesn't arrive when it says it does, just give it a few minutes and try again.

How to preload

Luckily, you can preload the game right now for yourself by going to the Xbox Game Pass tab and clicking on Psychonauts 2.This should automatically set it to install. If you've done this before but it didn't install the full game, go over to the manage tab. From here, click on "Updates" and click "Update all". You should now be ready to play Psychonauts 2 as soon as it goes live.

Expect all the latest information right here on the day.

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