Psychonauts 2 is out now on Xbox Game Pass - Here's the latest trailer

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We've been waiting a long time for a Psychonauts sequel and - at long last - Psychonauts 2 is out! Following Xbox's Gamescom 2021 Stream, Psychonauts 2 was released into the wild and you can actually play it for free via Xbox Game Pass. Here's the latest...

UPDATE - Psychonauts 2 is here!

Double Fine's Psychonauts 2 is finally out. Here's the Launch Trailer and a little explanation of what Psychonauts 2 is all about...

" Combining quirky missions and mysterious conspiracies, Psychonauts 2 is a platform-adventure game with cinematic style and tons of customizable psychic powers. Psychonauts 2 serves up danger, excitement, and laughs in equal measure as players guide Raz on a journey through the minds of friends and foes on a quest to defeat a murderous psychic villain."

Release Date

At Xbox's E3 conference, we saw tonnes of new announcements on games like Back 4 Blood and Halo (alongside tonnes of new announcements you can check out at RealSport)

One more big announcement was in the world of Psychonauts. It was revealed that Psychonauts 2 will release August 25th on Xbox Game Pass. This means if you are already subscribed, you can get it at no extra cost, a pretty good deal.


What is Psychonauts?

Psychonauts release almost two years ago to fanfare but this didn't translate to huge sales. Its creativity and fun was overlooked for some time until Xbox purchased Double Fine two years ago. This allowed them the economic and creative freedom to work on it.

Psychonauts is a platformer all about a young buy who peers into the minds of those around him to see what their intentions are. In doing so, you discover little things about the minds of all those around you. It's a deeply empathetic game about discovering the dark in human minds and still empathising with how they got there. Originally marketed as a game for kids and teenagers, its smart writing, genuinely funny moments and nice central theme has left a lasting impact on gamers that culminated in funding its eventual sequel. One can only hope the release later this year will prove that investment worth it.