Owen Hart will join the AEW Console Game roster

While it's still without a name or release date, the upcoming AEW Console Game remains a highly anticipated title as wrestling fans clamor for an alternative to WWE 2K.

It's been nearly two decades since we saw Owen Hart in a wrestling video game, and now we know that the AEW Console Game roster will include this legend when the title arrives.

Owen Hart will be joining the AEW Console Game roster

In a major announcement today by AEW, the company revealed a new relationship with The Owen Hart Foundation, which is a nonprofit charity established in 2000 in memory of Owen Hart that provides global aid to at-risk communities.

In the official press release they revealed a new tournament to take place in AEW, but also confirmed that the deal will bring Owen Hart to the upcoming AEW Console Game.

Owen Hart AEW Console Game
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THE OWEN: AEW's press releae details the new agreement

While the legendary in-ring competitor and famously kind person Owen Hart passed away tragically in May of 1999, he's remained an extremely well respected and beloved legendary wrestling figure since then.

Due to the potential negligence by WWE in Owen's death, something that has often been disputed by Owen's family and WWE since his death, we haven't seen Owen Hart in any of the WWE video games during the last two decades.

His last WWE video game appearance was in WWF Attitude, which released just two months after his death and was likely fully in motion even before Owen had passed.

Owen Hart did join the roster of Legends of Wrestling II (2002) and Showdown: Legends of Wrestling (2004) by Acclaim, both of which were not affiliated with WWE, but Owen Hart has been absent from wrestling video games since then.

AEW Elite GM will likely also bring Owen Hart to the in-game roster

While it wasn't explicitly mentioned in the press release, it's likely that the agreement could also see Owen Hart join the roster of AEW Elite GM.

The mobile title dropped a new update not long ago adding CM Punk among several other new names, and with it already packed with legends and even posthumous inclusions like the late Brodie Lee, Owen Hart seems very likely.

If that step is taken we may see Owen Hart in AEW Elite GM before the AEW Console Game is even released, but only time will tell how this new agreement plays into the plans for AEW Games.

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