Here's when you can start to download Outriders

We're one week away from Outriders and we have everything you need to know about preload times and how you can prepare yourself for the April 1st release date!

All of this information is from Square Enix's Senior Community Manager too so it shouldn't be changed over the next week.

Preload Times

We're not going to beat about the bush, Outriders. Here's when you can start preloading the game on every available platform.

  • Xbox One - From March 25th
  • Xbox Series X|S - From March 25th
  • PS4 - From March 30th, 48 hours prior to launch
  • PS5 - From March 30th, 48 hours prior to launch
  • PC (via Steam) - Unknown at the time of writing
  • PC (via Epic Games Store)- EGS doesn't support pre-loading at the moment
  • Google Stadia - Preloading isn't required on Stadia

We know, it isn't exactly what you want to read if you're planning to play Outriders on PC. If you've bought Outriders via the Epic Games Store, you won't be able to preload the game at all.

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However, there should be some news from Steam about the preloading period over the next week. Chances are, this will be a 48-hour period similar to PlayStation consoles.

Outriders Preload times
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FIGHT - Outriders is all about fighting for survival. Are you ready?

For the latest though, keep an eye on Outriders' social media channels as they will be updated with the additional information when it has been made available.

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Outriders will be free to play for Game Pass and Game Pass Ultimate members on April 1st on both Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. The game is full-priced on other platforms.

As for storage requirements, reports are stating the Outriders will be around 70GB on all platforms.

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