Outriders: Everything You Need to Know

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The next big game from Square Enix is Outriders, and it already looks amazing!

Here's everything you need to know about the upcoming co-op RPG shooter.

Latest - New Outriders Trailer Premieres at Square Enix Presents Event

The Square Enix Presents livestream is a premiere place for updates on upcoming titles from the studio.

Outriders made its appearance with a new trailer to kick off the show! Check it out below.

Coming To Xbox Game Pass

Microsoft has teased that Outriders could be launching on Xbox Game Pass.

In one of their usual teaser emails that get posted on social media, it mentions a "mysterious signal" and a "anomaly", which matches up to what Outriders is about.

Release Date

Outriders is set to release on 1 April, and is available for pre-order now!

Outriders Classes Release Date Demo Pre-Order
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GEAR UP: Players decide which of the four classes they'll take on

Google Stadia will have a later release date that's still unscheduled at this time.

The Outriders Demo will arrive much earlier, beginning on 25 February.


Outriders will come out on PC (Epic Games and Steam alike), PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Google Stadia.

Outriders Release Date Demo Pre Order RPG Classes Campaign
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CHOOSE YOUR PATH: RPG elements are massive in Outriders

Only Google Stadia will have a delayed release date, and you can pre-order Outriders on each of the other platforms now.


You can secure your copy of Outriders via pre-order here.

This includes the Day One Edition and Digital Standard Edition.

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The demo is available now on Xbox platforms, PS4 & PS5, and Steam and is pretty lengthy.

You'll be able to squad up with friends and tackle a load of missions, which can last for up to three hours.

It features all three of the game's classes, which we'll get to below, but doesn't let you progress past level 7 for any character.

Nothing has been announced about whether the demo will still be available when the full Outriders game releases.


Outriders has four different classes that players can take on.

This includes the Trickster, the Pyromancer, the Devastator, and the Technomancer.

Each of these classes has a full video breakdown released directly from Square Enix. Below is the latest video covering the Pyromancer:


Outriders will have a main story in the form of a Campaign that can be played single-player or co-op.

Players will have dialogue tree options when interacting with NPCs, but these choices won't alter the Campaign's story.

While the Outriders Campaign looks like it will be immersive and engaging, it isn't all that the game's gameplay has to offer.

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You can get a nice idea of what Outriders gameplay looks like from the studio's videos on Youtube. The most recent major gameplay video for Outriders covers content in the game after its Campaign is complete.

Check it out below:

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