Omega Strikers 2.3 Update - Full patch notes

Omega strikers 2.3 patch
Credit: Odyssey Interactive

Omega strikers 2.3 patch
Credit: Odyssey Interactive

It might not seem like it, but Omega Strikers is a highly competitive title with a ton of depth, which is why the recent 2.3 patch is a big one for the community. Why? Because it brings a new character, Finii.

The developers at Odyssey Interactive didn't forget about previous Strikers, also making some much-needed balance changes to spice up the experience for long-time players.

The Omega Strikers 2.3 patch is a hefty one, so let's get straight to it and see everything it brings to the game.

Omega Strikers 2.3 patch notes

Omega Strikers 2.3 patch
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Credit: Odyssey Interactive
A new Striker joins the fray

First, let's talk about system changes.

System changes

Maps and modes

High Tea Hijinx

A brand-new mode. It features four new maps, Strikers will battle it out in insane new environments in a first-to-3 frantic showdown.

The four maps are:

  • Flipped
  • Corner Pocket
  • Back to Back
  • About Face

All Strikers on the map will have their own Hijinx buff which will grant the following:

  • 125 Move Speed
  • 75 Power
  • 30 Ability Haste
  • 35% Size

Note: the maps are larger so the size isn't particularly apparent but missiles and movement abilities cover relatively less distance

  • Increased in-game experience gain.

UI / Systems

  • Updated Strike Shot indicator for mobile and console
  • Emote Muting!
  • Updated Voiceover logic
  • Strikers will now more frequently play their VO to allies and enemies when using their Specials
  • Octavia and Rune in particular will ALWAYS play their VO to help assist for counterplay purposes



  • Added a rank decay system for challenger and above.
  • You can bank up some days depending on your rank.
  • You'll decay LP per day if you don't have any days banked.
  • You'll lose previously banked days when you promote.

High MMR central server (NA)

  • Challenger and above


Delicious new Juno flavors!

  • Taro
  • Pumpkin
  • Milk Tea
  • Matcha


  • Gamer Juliette
  • Dubu Barista emote

New Titles!

  • Tea Time Tussle - Boba
  • Tea Time Tussle - Jelly
  • Tea Time Tussle - Caffeinated
  • Event - Ignited


[NEW] Finii


  • Deploy a poof of smoke at a target location, dealing a LIGHT hit to enemies and causing them to take 30% more damage from all sources for 4s.
  • PvP Knockback and Damage: 140 (+70% Power)
  • Core Knockback: 1260 (+140% Power)

Misdirection [PRIMARY] - [PROJECTILE]

  • Launch a decelerating projectile that hits the first enemy struck. After reaching its apex, it rapidly reverses course and hits harder.
  • Empowered PvP Knockback and Damage: 250 (+125% Power)
  • Empowered Core Knockback: 1405 (+212.5% Power)
  • Light hit reduction: 50%


  • Conjure a gravity well at a target location, slowing and pulling enemies towards its centre point. After 2.25s or upon recast, the well explodes, hitting enemies away.
  • PvP Knockback and Damage: 180 (+90% Power)
  • Core Knockback: 1500 (+425% Power)


Astral Projection [PRIMARY]

  • PvP Knockback and Damage :: 160 (+80% Power) → 170 (+E damage up : 160->170 (+85% Power)
  • Core Knockback: 1300 (+160% Power) → 1320 (+170% Power)


Molten Bolt [SPECIAL]

  • PvP total DoT damage: 200 (+100% Power) → 180 (+90% Power)



  • Cooldown: 14s → 12s
  • PvP Knockback and Damage: 210 (+105% Power) → 220 (+110% Power)
  • Core Knockback: 1385 (+202.5% Power) → 1390 (+205% Power)


Whiplash [SECONDARY]

  • Cooldown: 14s → 16s

Pendulum Swing [PRIMARY]

  • Cooldown: 7.5s → 8s



  • Cooldown: 15s → 14s

And that's it for the Omega Strikers 2.3 patch! It's a big one, but it's definitely got some exciting stuff.

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