EA Sports College Football release date revealed

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With the major news that college athletes can finally profit off their name, image, and likeness, fans are clamoring for an NCAA 22 or EA Sports College Football release date.

We've got everything you need to know about NCAA 22 release date, or more aptly the EA Sports College Football 24 release date.

Latest - NCAA rules change is important, but not instantaneous

Major news broke recently as the NCAA has changed their rules to allow college athletes to begin profiting and making money off of their NIL or name, image, and likeness.

This is a significant shift and one that has been fought for over the last several years, but change might not be as swift as fans are hoping when it comes to NCAA video games.

A recent leak confirmed that EA Sports College Football 24 will be the beginning of this franchise revival, and contract terms dictate it won't be released until at least July 1, 2023.

However, there is good news as some schools like Notre Dame that initially refused to get on board with the title may now be open to it as their primary hangup was the NIL rules within the NCAA.

With the title change now looking official, please click here for all the latest news on EA Sports College Football 24.

History of NCAA Football

The NCAA (the governing body for college athletes in America) stopped EA from being able to use the image rights of players.

HIGH SCORES: The NCAA games are reviewed favorably
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HIGH SCORES: The NCAA games are reviewed favorably

Recent steps to change the law to allow athletes to make money, along with the tweets, mean that there are strong rumors that the game is being remade by EA.

The tweet came from the official EA Sports account, and they have created a sub-account under @EASPORTSCollege. So we know the source is legitimate.

What will the new NCAA game be called?

The NCAA title of the previous games is noticeable missing from all of EA Sports publishing so far.

Whilst NCAA Football 22 could be the most common name used by fans, the reality is that the game will likely be called 'College Football' and avoid any links to the NCAA.

This is likely due to the legal issues that ended the franchise in the first place.

So depending on the timelines we see for the game it will likely be EA Sports College Football 22, or whatever the relevant year will be.

EA Sports College Football (NCAA 22) Release Date

This will all be about the timing of the release.

We know that previous NCAA titles were typically released in July, ahead of the upcoming season.

NOT MUCH TO GO ON: Minimal details so far, this is it
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NOT MUCH TO GO ON: Minimal details so far, this is it

As of right now, that looks like the right time of year, but the lingering question of which year we'll see the title may be later than many wanted.

Instead of getting EA Sports College Football as what could be dubbed NCAA 22, it's now looking more like NCAA 23 or even NCAA 24 depending on the naming convention they choose to go with.

As mentioned above, current reporting puts the planned release of EA Sports College Football as July 2023, but that's assuming there are no more delays.

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