EA Sports College Football 24 will revive the series

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EA Sports College Football 24 is prepped to bring back a franchise that's been dormant since the release of NCAA 14 several years ago.

While we're hoping to learn more soon, here's everything we know so far about EA Sports College Football 24 and when you might actually get to play it.

Latest News - Reveal could arrive during EA Play Live

So far, the bits of news we've gotten about EA Sports College Football 24 have been fairly scarce, with most of it coming through leaks.

However, we may finally get some official news during EA Play Live, and hopefully that means a teaser or some other sneak peek at the title is coming.

You can stream EA Play Live right here to watch and see if any news is dropped about EA Sports College Football 24.

EA Sports College Football 24 Release Date

The biggest question everyone has about the revival of the former NCAA Football gaming series is when fans will actually be able to play it, and new leaks have given some crucial insight.

Thanks to new reporting by Matt Brown of Extra Points that includes freshly acquired documents detailing the contract between EA Sports and the CLC (Collegiate Licensing Company), we know what release date to expect.

EA Sports College Football 24 Release Date
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FOUR YEARS: One big detail is that four years worth of games are in the works

With the contract term listed, we expect EA Sports College Football 24 to have a release date of July 1, 2023 so long as delays don't impede that plan.

This contract also reveals that there are already four years of games planned, so EA Sports College Football 24 will revive the franchise with further versions to be released the following three years.

This release window lines up with with the June and July release dates that this franchise has had since the early 1990s, and it would give EA Sports the chance to make the summer about this title while keeping it from colliding with the launch of Madden each year.

NCAA changes NIL rules for athletes making money

The biggest news since the announcement of EA Sports College Football bringing back the franchise has now broken as the NCAA revealed the rules are now changed to allow players to make money off their NIL or name, image, and likeness.

It's a massive roadblock now cleared for the development of EA Sports College Football 24, but there are still steps along the way that will ensure July 2023 is the earliest we could see a full-on college sports video game.

We've got more details here on the various struggles still in the way of including all college athletes in the title and whether they might start popping up in other games like Madden 22 or MLB The Show 21 prior to the release of EA Sports College Football 24.

Bill Walsh to NCAA to EA Sports College Football

While most players clamoring for EA Sports College Football today got to try the series when it was NCAA Football, a titling style it carried from the 1997 release until going dormant in 2013.

The series actually got its start in June 1993 with the release of Bill Walsh College Football and then Bill Walsh College Football '95 the next year.

EA Sports College Football 24
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THE ORIGINAL: From the designers of Madden Football!

In 1995 and 1996 the titling changed to College Football USA 96 and College Football USA 97, before finally arriving at NCAA Football 98 and carrying that forward for over a decade.

While they could decide to change the name of the title between now and release, it currently looks like EA Sports College Football 24 is the name fans can expect to revive this series.

Licensing to include major schools, not players

One of the biggest looming questions about EA Sports College Football 24 has to do with which schools will be on board for the new title.

Things have already hit their first significant roadblock, as Notre Dame Athletic Director Jack Swarbrick released a definitive statement indicating that the school and their branding will not be allowed in EA Sports College Football 24.

However, their primary issue was the NCAA rules on NIL (name, image, and likeness), and the new NCAA rules change allowing athletes to make money off their NIL could shift the tide.

There's still plenty of work to be done before players do get included though, as most of these deals tend to be orchestrated by larger unions such as the NFLPA, MLBPA, and NBPA.

NCAA rule change athletes making money NCAA 22 EA Sports College Football 24 basketball baseball MLB The Show 21 NBA 2K21 Madden 22
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PLAYER'S ASSOCIATION: Just look at the covers of these games

Look no further than the covers of MLB The Show, NBA 2K21, and Madden 22 to spot the logos of each Players Association (union) that collectively bargained an agreement for all players to be included.

Something similar will be needed for the NCAA, as otherwise EA Sports would be left making hundreds of individually negotiated deals with every single college athlete in the nation.

We should get more news in the coming months about exactly what all will be included when EA Sports College Football 24 is released.

Trailer, Price, and Platforms

With the release window that's being targeted, it looks likely that EA Sports will make this title next gen exclusive, potentially landing only on PS5 and Xbox Series X|S when it returns in 2023.

EA Sports College Football 24 NCAA Football 22
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UPGRADE TIME: Things will be very different than they were in the past

However, with a significant player base still on PS4, Xbox One, and other platforms such as PC, they may see too much financial incentive to leave those platforms out.

We don't yet have a teaser trailer or any actual footage of the game, but that should be our first glimpse into EA Sports College Football 24 when it arrives.

As for price, the title will most likely be $69.99 on PS5 and Xbox Series X|S for the standard edition, and could keep the past $59.99 standard if they choose to release it on current gen platforms.

EA Sports College Football 24 is also likely to have multiple editions, with an MVP or Deluxe Edition offering extra bonuses and the potential for a few days of early access before the title launches.

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