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EA Sports College Football return still years away

There has been plenty of excitement since the announcement that EA Sports College Football, previously known as the NCAA series with a possible NCAA 22 on the mind of fans, is due to return.

Unfortunately, it now looks like that return is going to be much later than some had hoped due to new reporting by Matt Brown of Extra Points.

EA Sports College Football (NCAA 22) still years away

While there was definitely an expectation that the full return of EA Sports College Football (NCAA 22) would take some time, it now looks even further away than some had hoped.

This report by Matt Brown indicates EA Sports College Football won't be released for over two more years, making NCAA 22 likely to become NCAA 23 or NCAA 24 depending on how EA decides to title the product.

With an intended release date now of July 2023, fans are likely going to have to wait over two more years to enjoy the return of College Football to the gaming world.

Logo, Stadiums, Uniforms, and more to be included in EA Sports College Football

In a follow-up to his initial report about the release date, Matt Brown also published documents he acquired through an Open Records request sent to the Collegiate Licensing Company (CLC).

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DELAY OF GAME: NCAA 22 might be NCAA 23 or even NCAA 24

Below are some of the exact requests made by EA Sports through the CLC about what they need from universities and colleges to create EA Sports College Football:

  • Asset Needs - For the initial creation of the game, EA will need to develop assets for the current generation of consoles. This will require both the sharing of assets with EA, as well as EA visiting schools to gather reference for items that cannot be sent (i.e., stadium scanning). While a complete list and timeline for completion will be shared at a later date, the assets that EA will need to acquire include:
    • Logos - access to all current logos (via JPatton Logos on Demand)
    • Stadium scan data - EA scanning equipment will capture the stadium (renovations to the stadium may require subsequent EA visits to scan the changes).
    • Uniforms - helmet, jersey, pants, socks - EA will want access to scan all available uniform assets. Even if uniforms will be changing before the title's first release, EA will want access to historic uniforms to build up the library of historic uniforms that will be included in the game.
    • Costumed mascots - EA will need access to mascot costumes to scan them for authenticity. This should occur during the stadium scanning trips.
    • Non-costumed mascots/traditions - EA will need access to capture reference of all non-costumed mascots, as well as any other tradition that would be included in the game (i.e., Rambling Wreck, UGA, Tommy Trojan, Bevo, etc.)
    • School-owned band recordings - EA will be responsible for licensing the rights to band performances of school songs; however, EA would look to schools to provide cleared recordings of those songs by their marching band that can be used in-game.
    • Trophies - EA will need access to be able to scan any trophy that will appear in-game (rivalry trophy, bowl trophy, etc.)

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