Monster Hunter Rise could be the best MH game yet

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Monster Hunter Rise is on the way and we've got everything you need to know about the new MH title!

Before we get started though, you can check out the brand-new trailer that Nintendo and Capcom have released ahead of launch. This also includes a sneak peek at the first free content update!

Now that that's out of the way, let's get started...

LATEST - Preloading & Download Size

If there's one thing a Nintendo Switch can have issues with, its' storage space.

Thankfully, Nintendo has offered its players a few different storage options by including an SD Card slot on the console.

That being said, you might not actually need it for Monster Hunter Rise.

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According to the Switch eShop, Monster Hunter Rise is only due to take up 6.6GB of space. There is a Day One Patch though, so it might take up a little more space but we can't imagine it will rise to anything over 10GB at a push.

Monster Hunter Rise Old Man
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READY? - Are you ready to hunt some real monsters?

If you're looking to preload the game too, you can if you've bought it digitally on the eShop! It should prompt you to begin the download now and it will remain locked until launch on March 26th at around 00:00 ET / 04:00 GMT.

Release Date

Currently, Monster Hunter Rise is scheduled to launch in March 2021 on the Nintendo Switch.

This game will launch on March 26th, 2021, alongside three Amiibo figures for players to grab.

These will feature Palico, Palamute, and the game's signature monster... The Magnamalo.

As we're pretty close to the release date, we don't expect this to change. Especially given Nintendo's track record.

Demo Version 2

You'll be pleased to know that you can "try before you buy" again with Monster Hunter Rise!

The limited-time demo that was out in January is making a return to the Nintendo eShop on March 11th, 2021.

Monster Hunter Rise Demo Version2
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DEMO - If you're unsure, make sure to give it a try!

This is the perfect place to get acquainted with how the new Monster Hunter title is going to play ahead of launch AND try it out if you're on the fence about purchasing it.

It also includes a Magnamalo quest, the game's signature monster. So, get a taste of the full experience while you can!

New Features

Although Monster hunter Rise will undeniably be a Monster Hunter title, there are a couple of new features that are being added in this latest entry that make it stand out from the crowd.

Firstly, and mainly, mounts are coming to Monster Hunter in a new way.

Monster Hunter Rise Palamute mount ride
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RIDE - Whether you're headed across the map or into battle, Palamute will come in handy!

Palamute, the newest animal companion in the Monster Hunter series, can be used to traverse the expansive map Rise has to offer AND be rode into battle against whatever beast you're up against!

In addition to this, Wire Bugs can be used to traverse the world in a vertical way. These are pretty similar to the Clutch Claw that appeared in the Iceborne expansion for Monster Hunter World, so series veterans will be familiar with how they work.

Palamute isn't the only mountable creature in-game too, so be sure to keep an eye out for all the exciting ways Monster Hunter Rise is going to shake-up movement in-game.

First Free Update

In the most recent Monster Hunter Digital Event, one of the things that everyone is talking about is the announcement of the free title updates that will be coming to Monster Hunter Rise in the future.

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Although we don't know a whole lot about what's to come, we do know what April's free update has in store.

Chameleos, a chameleon-like monster, is coming to Monster Hunter Rise just a month after launch.

Monster Hunter Rise free update April Chameleos
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CHAMELEOS - The first of a few new monsters coming to Monster Hunter Rise

As you can see from the screenshot above, this isn't the only thing that's coming. We expect to hear more as we continue through March towards this unspecified release.

Switch Exclusive

At this point in time, Monster Hunter Rise is going to be a Nintendo Switch exclusive when it launches in March 2021.

This isn't too surprising given the release patterns of previous Monster Hunter titles, but fans of the series who don't own a Nintendo Switch will undoubtedly be disappointed.

That being said, a Microsoft Windows version is reportedly in the works and scheduled for an early 2022 release.

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According to Tsujimoto, the game's producer, this is entirely due to player demand and interest. He spoke to IGN Japan about the issue last month.

There isn't any specific release date information for this yet and as Rise is being built for the Nintendo Switch, it will be interesting to see how this will turn out.

Additional Details

Below we've listed some of the exciting new details that have emerged from the Monster Hunter Digital Event.

Palicoes and Palamutes

Palicoes are back in Monster Hunter and when you're playing Monster Hunter Rise alone, you can choose any two buddies to take with you on your adventures. Palamutes are mounts, while Palicoes are better combat support.

When you play co-operatively, however, each hunter can only bring one buddy with them! This makes strategising with your team all the more important.


In addition to this, there are five distinct locales in this Monster Hunter game:

  • Shrine Ruins,
  • Flooded Forest,
  • Frost Islands,
  • Sandy Plains,
  • Lava Caverns

Each locale has its own characteristics and will feature different types of creatures.

Monster Hunter Rise Bishaten
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FRENTIC ASCETIC - Each Monster will require a different approach, so be ready for anything

These Monsters all have their own unique ecologies too, so learning how each one will work will be vital to your success as a hunter.

You can watch the full Monster Hunter Digital Event from March 8th, 2021 here:

Keep an eye on the official Monster Hunter social media accounts for the latest and be sure to gear-up ahead of the March launch!

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