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Monster Hunter Rise Demo: Release Date, End Date, File Size, Content, Quests, & More

Capcom has announced a Monster Hunter Rise demo and we have collected all the information you need to know, including the release date and end date of the demo, the file size, and what content and quests you can expect to see.

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Monster Hunter Rise Demo - Release Date And End Date

The Monster Hunter Rise demo is out now and released on January 7, 2021, in the evening, in the US, and early in the morning in the UK and Europe on January 8, 2021.

The demo will be taken off the Nintendo Eshop on February 1, 2021.

Monster Hunter Rise File Size

The Monster Hunter Rise file size is approximately 1.66 GB and it can be installed onto the Nintendo Switch directly or a MicroSD card.

Monster Hunter Rise Content And Quests

Monster Hunter Rise's demo has four quests to complete at various difficulties:

  • Beginner - Slay a Great Izuchi
  • Intermediate - Slay a Mizutsune
  • Tutorial - Basic Training Quest
  • Tutorial - Wyvern Riding Training Quest

All 14 weapons in the game will also be available to use, test out, and play with during these quests.

These quests take place in the Shrine Ruins and Palamutes and Palicos will be available to take with you into missions.

The new features revealed in the recent Monster Hunter Nintendo Direct, such as Wyvern Riding are available and the tutorial will give you a good overview of the experience.

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Wyvern Riding will be available and a tutorial mission will show you how it works in the demo.

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Monster Hunter Rise Demo Online Play

You can play the Monster Hunter Rise demo locally alone and also online with other players. Both the Basic and Intermediate quests can be tackled online with your friends, allowing you to get a taste of the multiplayer play on offer in the game.

This Monster Hunter Rise demo will give players a brief overview of the experience they can expect later this year when the game releases on March 26, 2021.