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When is the Monster Hunter Rise PC port coming?

Monster Hunter Rise is right around the corner and is the sixth mainline Monster Hunter game to be released.

The previous entry in the series, Monster Hunter World, took the series to new heights and became the best selling game in both the series and for Capcom overall.

Now it is time for the Nintendo Switch to get some love as Monster Hunter Rise is set to launch exclusively on the handheld system.

But, a PC port for Monster Hunter Rise is on the way!

Here is everything we know so far about the PC version of Monster Hunter Rise.

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Release Date

Monster Hunter Rise is due to be released on Nintendo Switch on March 26th 2021.


It has also been confirmed that a PC port will be coming too.

However, that version looks to be a long way off yet as Capcom has penciled in a release date of sometime in 2022.

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It information as vague as ever, we know, but the PC version of the title is still "very much in development".

This isn't anything too surprising for fans of the Monster Hunter series as Monster Hunter World launched on PC consoles a lot later than consoles and took a lot longer to catch up in terms of content.

Monster Hunter Rise PC Switch Hunting Moss
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HUNT - Monster Hunter Rise will keep its core but hopes to be a better narrative experience

Still, with any luck, Monster Hunter Rise will launch on PC in 2022 with the same amount of content as the Switch version and the two can progress together at a similar rate going forward.


Console Ports?

So far there has been no announcement of the game coming to PlayStation or Xbox.

Which is strange considering the huge success that Monster Hunter World was, the game became Capcom's best selling game of all time.

But, that's not to say it won't come to those platforms, just there appears to be no plans so far.

PC Port Of A Switch Game

This is the interesting factor in all of this, as Switch releases are very rarely ported to other platforms. Rather, it is often the other way around.

Monster Hunter Rise's developers have stated that the game was definitely made for the Nintendo Switch.

They were "aware of [the console's] shortcomings and abilities" during development and this explains the wait for a PC version of the title.

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However, it does raise some interesting questions about how different the two versions will be.

Monster Hunter Rise PC Mount
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MOUNT - What mounts would you like to see MH:R introduce?

Obviously, PC's have the potential to run much more demanding titles and it will be interesting to see if Capcom develop a meatier version of the game for their PC port.

Alternatively, a PC Port could be very similar to the Switch release and just run extremely well. Only time will tell...

Prior to launch, Capcom is going to be holding a series of live-streams in any case. You can check out when these are in the Tweet below:


Monster Hunter Rise is scheduled to release for the Nintendo Switch on March 26, 2021.