Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak: Which Weapon is Best for You?

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak has the usual weapon choices from the series. However, with the new wirebug moves the game has a new way to play which will be affected by which weapon is chosen.

One of the biggest discussion points in Monster Hunter games is what weapon you decide to choose and what this means. Similar to a personality test, each weapon has its own playstyle and stigma attached to them.

But with a choice of 14 Monster Hunter Rise weapons, the choice can be overwhelming. This guide will help you to decide which weapon is best for you and describe the process of using them.

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Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak bow
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Thinking of bows in video games and popular culture will instantly bring LOTR fans to Legolas. However, the bow in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak is not the stereotypical elven long-range weapon.

The speed of the weapon is very slow compared to the speed of the dual blades and can be a tricky one to learn for newbies to the game. Arrow coatings are the key to this weapon feeling strong. However, these are most commonly found later in the game.

Charge blade

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak charge blade
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The charge blade is the most technical weapon in the game. Definitely meant for somebody who has experience already in the game, it takes a lot to learn it. Positioning is one of the key elements to this weapon that makes its hunter a little bit better.

The combos needed for this weapon are hefty. To remember them is one thing, but to also position and time them is something else entirely. Definitely not for newbies.

Dual blades

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak dual blades
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Compared to the previous two, dual blades bring simplicity to the game due to easy mechanics. go in, hit him a whole load, and avoid hits from the monster, it really is that easy.

Okay.. maybe not that easy. The wirebug moves are what really let the animation teams' work shine. Rolling down a monster's back and flipping off the end of its body not only looks pretty but deals a whole lot of damage. Starting your Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak journey with these weapons will surely make a good first impression.

Great sword

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak great sword
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The great sword is often the most depicted weapon in the series trailers and graphics. The stereotypical big old sword is brilliant in terms of damage, really putting out a whole load in a long period of time. However, the patience required is also a lot.

Game knowledge of the monsters is key to knowing where to stand and attack with this weapon. So it is less suitable for new players.


Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak gun lance
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The gunlance adds a level of complexity to the normal lance with its explosive nature. Hunters can jab the monster, shield its attacks or explode at the monster too. The jack of all trades, the gunlance is a perfect mix of protection and aggression.


Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak hammer
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The hammer is one of the more controversial weapons on this list. Not because of how weak it is, but more of the ability to knock around other allies in the field. A simple weapon, the hammer packs a punch and is perfect for smashing that monster's head in.

The hammer is one of the less punishing weapons, making a mistake can easily be corrected with the abilities included with the weapon.

Heavy bowgun

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Heavy bowgun
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One of Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak's three ranged weapons, the heavy bowgun turns any hunter into a heavy sitting turret. The charging element of the weapon can be offputting for newbies who aren't accustomed to the monsters' attacks and patterns.

But for veterans, it is a prestige comment to main the heavy bowgun.

Hunting horn

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak hunting horn
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The hunting horn is the support of all the Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak weapons. It got given a major buff in Sunbreak and has seen a huge play increase because of this.

Manoveures done with the hunting horn can put out damage but also provide songs to players which gives buffs to help fight. This weapon is meant for slow hard-hitting playstyles and usually, players come from the hammer to the hunting horn.

Insect Glaive

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak insect glaive
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The insect glaive brings a fancy flourish to all the weapons in the Monster Hunter Rise game. Hunters who equip this can fling themselves around the map, dipping in and out to put damage to the monster. This weapon also comes with an insect to help the hunter hunt.

Newbies should definitely stay away from the difficult technicalities of the insect glaive due to the amount of work that must be put in to master this.


Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak lance
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The lance is every tank player's dream. The slow movement of the lance helps players to balance themselves before putting out a big hit of damage. The blunt weapon type makes it perfect for hitting monsters' heads.

This weapon brings defensive stats to the hunter which means it is rare to see a good lance player take much damage. But the patience required for it, can make the lance a boring weapon. Especially when dual blade users rush up and deal all that damage.

Light bowgun

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak light bowgun
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The light bowgun is the easiest of all the ranged weapons in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak. The range of the light bowgun is shorter than the heavy bowgun but still is brilliant for those safer players.

The ammo system of the game can be a little confusing at first, but when that is figured out? You have yourself a brilliant bowgun user.

Long sword

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak long sword
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The long sword is another popular weapon in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak. You’ll need to attack the monster to charge your gauge, and then spend that gauge on a special combo that deals big damage. If the last hit of that special combo hits, your long sword will gain a big damage buff.

This process is repeated multiple times to increase your buff and can put out brilliant damage numbers. Just like the hammer, the long sword attacks can trip other hunters in the group so should be used carefully.

Switch axe

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak switch axe
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The switch axe has some of the best mechanics in the game. Being able to dig your weapon into a monster and stay stuck to its body like a leech is one of the most fun manoeuvres in-game. The duality of an axe and sword also brings a change of speed to the weapon which can't be found in many of the others.

The switch axe has a middle ground difficulty which means newbies may struggle, but it will still be a fun weapon to pick up.

Sword and shield

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak sword and shield
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The sword and shield is a simple weapon which has a lot of versatility. This unique weapon actually allows hunters to use items whilst their weapon is out. A major selling point for new hunters, the sword and shield is a brilliant weapon to start your Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak journey with.

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