Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak: Malzeno Themed Controller On-Sale Now

Capcom announced the Malzeno-themed pro controller for the Nintendo Switch a couple of months ago. However, with the release of Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak, the controller is now available to buy.

The controller follows a similar design to the Magnamalo controller. This was released alongside the Monster Hunter Rise base game. But this controller features the poster boy Malzeno instead.

With hype for the game still gathering up a storm, these controllers are becoming popular. But where can you buy them from and how much do they cost?

Where can the Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak controller be brought from?

The controller is a beautiful design for one of the prettier monsters in the Monster Hunter Rise universe. Whether you want to use it to take down Malzeno or simply display it, either way, it makes a great addition to any gamer's environment.

The controller does not feature on the Nintendo Switch store but can be brought from third-party sellers. They are currently being sold on Argos and Amazon too. However, these companies all have their own Nintendo Store licensed materials, so you are buying directly from them.

What are the prices of the controller?

The average price of the controller is currently sitting at around £70 or around $84. This seems like a hefty price for some fancier joycons, but the quality of these controllers makes for a better gaming experience.

Firstly, Capcom and Nintendo have partnered to create several collectables for Nintendo Switch such as the Magnamalo Pro Controller as well as the Palico, Palamute, and Magnamalo amiibo. Secondly, the Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Collector's Edition includes the Malzeno amiibo, an exclusive steelbook, 10 stickers, and an enamel pin.

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