Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak: Release Date, Platforms, Pre-Orders & More

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The Capcom Showcase yesterday brought a lot of news for Monster Hunter veterans. An announcement for Sunbreak had already been out, but more details were unveiled last night for Monster Hunter Rise.

A roadmap has been outlined for the DLC with the months and years stated on new releases. Spanning from this August right through to next year, the curtains weren't fully opened, but a sneak peek is enough for fans to become instantly excited.

MHR Sunbreak Roadmap 2022
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Release date

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak is due to hit the Switch on June 30 2022. On PC it will be available via Steam on June 30 as well.

The game will cost £35.99 with the option to pre-order as well. The deluxe edition can also be bought for £44.99 but will include

  • Hunter Layered Armour Set: Dragonsbane
  • Palamute Layered Armour Set: C Hound
  • Palico Layered Armour Set: F Devout
  • Gesture Set (Four Included): Take Aim
  • Pose Set (Three Included): Fight Pose Set
  • Hunter Hairstyle: Fluffy Curls

There is no physical version available as it is a DLC and not a stand-alone game. The base game Monster Hunter Rise will also be needed to play the DLC.


The DLC will be available on both Switch and PC.

Switch players can buy this on the Nintendo Switch Store whereas PC users will have to purchase it through Steam.

Amiibo support in MHR Sunbreak
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The DLC for PC will take up an extra 13GB of space so make sure to free up some space if needed.


To pre-order this, Hunters will have to go to either the Nintendo Switch Store or Steam, search for Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak and purchase the pre-order.

Hunters who buy the pre-order will receive the Loyal dog and Stripy Cat layered armour for their palamutes and palicos in-game.

Demo details

A demo has also been announced which will be out tonight at 3 am BST. The demo includes fights with Astalos, Tetranadon, and a Great Izuchi. Hunters can slay these monsters using the new silk bind moves also included in Sunbreak.

Training quests are also available again for those who are new to the game or just need their memory jogged. All of this can be seen in the trailer for the demo.

Similarly to Magnamalo, Malzeno will be the tougher quest included in the demo. Last year Magnamalo was met with criticism as even the most trained hunters struggled to take him down. Let's see if the same will happen with Malzeno.


From all the trailers released so far, the monsters included will show a few familiar faces but will also include new foes to fight and farm. As is true to the Monster Hunter way, the poster monster for Sunbreak will be Malzeno.

Malzeno MHR Sunbreak
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Malzeno is an elder dragon whose first appearance is in Sunbreak. It looks similar to Velkhana with its European dragon style. Sources have leaked that it is able to drain health from hunters but this is yet to be revealed.

With the demo being released tonight, UK fans are getting their coffee fixes ready to stay awake until 3 am for the release.

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