Is Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak a Full Game or DLC?

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak is out at the end of this month. Hunters are gearing up to hunt, farm, and socialise in Kamura with the newest addition to the Monster Hunter series.

Developed by Capcom, the long history of the series is impressive. The game has had frequent instalments and games since its first release in 2004. And for a game series to keep going for 17 years? It must be popular.

Sunbreak has caught the eye of many veterans and newbies alike. With the new monsters, maps, and endemic life, the world is about to get a lot bigger. But is Monster Hunter Sunbreak a full game or just DLC?

Is Sunbreak a full game or DLC?

Sunbreak is a DLC for the game Monster Hunter Rise. In order to play the newest release of Rise, players must have Monster Hunter Rise already installed.

Monster Hunter Rise is available on Nintendo Switch via the Nintendo Switch Store. It is also available on PC and can be purchased through Steam.

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Do you want to play Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak but don't have the base game? There is a bundle which can be purchased in the Nintendo Switch Store or Steam which will give you the base game and the DLC all rolled into one. Very useful for new hunters wanting to hone their skills.

What is included in the DLC?

The DLC will bring a whole heap of new quests for hunters to grind through. Village and hub quests will both get new additions with the latest DLC.

Of course, this is not the only feature that will be added to the game. There is a brand new jungle map being added full of new endemic life as well. If this doesn't sound like enough to sway you, there are way more monsters being added.

With a large range of 71 monsters already in Rise, Sunbreak will be adding to those. 14 more large monsters will be added to the game. This includes the vampiric Malzeno who lots of fans are excited to fight.

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Malzeno also brings a new mechanic of life draining. The "moths" on its wings drain life from the hunter and give it back to Malzeno. making a tricky fight harder.

So, Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak is a DLC for Monster Hunter Rise. With the new additions being added, it feels like a full new game. Thank you Capcom for giving fans what we wanted!

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