How to Play the Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Demo

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak is out on June 30 2022. But before fans commit to pre-ordering the DLC, a demo will be released in the early hours of Friday morning.

Similar to the demo for Monster Hunter Rise, hunters will be able to fight the poster monster of the game, Malzeno. This mission is an extra tough mission which hopefully won't reach the similar frustration levels that Magnamalo did.

With fans gathering excitement for the latest instalment, here's the know on how to play the demo.

How do I get the demo?

Hunters can get the demo by accessing the Nintendo Switch Store. From there, searching for Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak will bring up an option to pre-order the game or play the demo.

Monster Hunter Rise demo
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The demo box is just underneath the pre-order box and will install the demo as a separate tile on the Switch home screen.

The demo is also available on Steam as well. Click here to get access to the demo from the release.

What is included in the demo?

The demo will allow hunters to explore the jungle locale added in the DLC. The idea came from Monster Hunter 2 released in 2006. But this updated version brings new endemic life and monsters.

Monsters included in this area are, Astalos, Great Izuchi, Tetranadon, and the challenging version of Malzeno. Exploring the area will help hunters prepare for the full DLC release on June 30.

Monster Hunter Rise silkbind move
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New mechanics such as the Switch Skill Swap System can also be demo'ed. Hunters can now swap between which switch skill they would like mid-fight and new silk bind attacks can also be tested in this large locale.

The demo for Monster Hunter Rise helped spur fans to buy the game. The popularity skyrocketed and it became known as one of Monster Hunter's best games. Will this be the same with the new DLC?

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