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Monster Hunter Rise Cross-Play: Can PC play with Nintendo Switch?

Capcom's latest Monster Hunter title is almost available on PC following a lengthy period of Nintendo Switch exclusivity. It's been a long wait for Monster Hunter fans, especially when you consider the fact that the previous Monster Hunter title - Monster Hunter World - was available on PC and consoles when it launched.

Monster Hunter Rise on PC is going to be a visual delight and should run smoothly, but what if you want to continue playing with your friends who own the game on Nintendo Switch? Does Monster Hunter Rise on PC have cross-play with Monster Hunter Rise on Nintendo Switch?

Does Monster Hunter Rise have cross-platform cross-play?

At the moment, it doesn't look like Monster Hunter Rise is going to feature cross-platform cross-play which would enable Monster Hunter Rise players on PC to play with Monster Hunter Rise players on Nintendo Switch.

In October, the official Monster Hunter social media account tweeted the following:

This statement expresses that the feature is being worked on but it won't be available at launch - and it might not be available for quite some time after launch. The fact that this feature is missing isn't surprising, though, because Monster Hunter World didn't have cross-platform cross-play - this game was available on consoles too.

The lack of cross-save features is, arguably, more annoying. This means that Nintendo Switch players will have to start from scratch if they want to play on the newly-released PC version of the title.

Monster Hunter Rise is due to release on PC at the following times:

  • 08:00 PST - January 12th
  • 11:00 EST - January 12th
  • 16:00 GMT - January 12th

You can download and play Monster Hunter Rise on PC via Steam - there's also a demo that can be downloaded to test how the game will run on your set-up and how it will play given the fact that it was originally a Nintendo Switch title.

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