Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 Development Update: 4 June – Alpha 4, invites, Partnership Series, Development Roadmap & more

Microsoft Flight Simulator is getting closer and closer to release after coronavirus delays.

In this week's development update, we learned more about the upcoming Partnership Series, Development Roadmap, and more.

Let's take a look at what's to come for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020.

Alpha 4 release date announced

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PROGRESS- The chances of a Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 release this year are only getting higher

Perhaps the biggest piece of news in this week's development update is an official release date for Alpha 4.

Alpha 4 begins Thursday, 11 June, and its build notes will also release the same day.

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Alpha invitations

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CHECK YOUR EMAIL- A new wave of alpha invitations are out, so don't forget to also check your spam filter just in case

While there are many players still waiting for their inbox to light up, another wave of Microsoft Flight Simulator 20 alpha invites have gone out.

That means a lucky few will get in just in time for Alpha 4.

Partnership Series, Development Roadmap

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IT'S HAPPENING- The final deliverables for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 are coming together, which means the game is closer than ever

In this update we learned Microsoft is aiming for the next phase of the Partnership Series by Thursday, 11 June.

We also learned the latest Development Roadmap, 0601, has officially arrived.

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