Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 Mac – Will the game be available for non PC players?

With previous games not available for Apple users, are things about to change this year?

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Microsoft Flight Simulator is plotting its journey to becoming the most realistic game of 2020.

There is no sign of a release date, but we do have a clearer understanding of what platforms the game will be on.


Will Microsoft Flight Simulator be available on Mac?

This may not surprise you, but it’s very unlikely that Mac owners will be able to play Microsoft Flight Simulator.

The game has been confirmed for both Windows PC and Xbox One – with both products owned by Microsoft.

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ABORT LANDING – Flight Sim will not be arriving on Mac

The fact the game is coming to console is already a step up from Microsoft Flight Simulator X which was only available on PC in 2006.

It then took eight years for the game to finally appear on Steam, and again this was PC only.

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