Will we see the Fight Night franchise revived in 2021?

After almost a decade of waiting, are we finally set to see another Fight Night release?

There has been plenty of rumours in the media, with some big names from the boxing world pitching their thoughts on the matter too.

But is it a case of playground rumours? Or will we see EA Sports revive their boxing franchise this year?

Fight Night 21

Well if you're here hoping for a definitive answer, then we've got bad news.

EA Sports have yet to put out any sort of statement regarding Fight Night 21, though Lennox Lewis did suggest that EA were considering it via a tweet that he put out this time last year.

As the above tweet mentions, EA was rumoured to be considering bringing back Fight Night for Xbox and PS5.

With the Next Gen consoles in full swing now, we can expect to hear more from EA in the near future.

Whether it will be a release in 2021 remains to be seen, but the signs are positive that we will see a Fight Night revival in the future.

World Champion Responds

If the opinion of the public isn't enough to sway EA into reviving their boxing franchise, then maybe the thoughts of the Gypsy King might help.

Tyson Fury took to his social media accounts to call for the title to be brought back, posting a mock-up game cover on Facebook last weekend.

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FIGHT NIGHT - Fury wants to see Fight Night return to the gaming scene

American broadcaster DAZN has also thrown their opinion into the mix, as did boxing promoter Eddie Hearn back in March.

It could well be a case of much ado about nothing, but we're hoping that the high profile names will force EA's hand.

As always, we will update you with any news regarding Fight Night 21 as soon as it arrives, so keep an eye on RealSport101 for all the latest information.

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