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PS5 Stock Update: Major Retailer Removes PlayStation 5 From Website

For those of you who are still looking for a PS5, I don't envy you because the demand has been insane, thanks, scalpers.

Normally we do these sort of articles to try help you all beat the scalpers and finally secure the next-gen system.

But this one may not be news you want to hear because you may be waiting a lot longer than you'd hoped.

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Listing Removed From Retailer's Website

Currys PC World has removed the listing for the PlayStation 5 from their website.

Currys PC World PS5 Console Page
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404: The PS5 has been removed from the Currys PC World website.

This could indicate that we may be waiting a lot longer than expected for more consoles to come into stock.


Normally products are removed from the Curry's website when they're either discontinued, which we know the PS5 isn't, or they're not expecting stock any time soon.

Currys PC World is a giant tech retailer in the UK, which means they would be close to the front of the queue when it comes to stock allocation.

A Temporary Measure?

All may not be lost, this could be a temporary measure.

PS Instant, on Twitter, provides stock updates for the next-gen console and has said that PS5 stock is expected on February 18th, so only a couple of weeks away.

They also noted that more regular customers may be able to get their hands on the systems as they're becoming not as profitable for scalpers.

Ebay PS5 Console search results
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COMPETITION: Scalpers are facing increased competition, making the PS5 less profitable.

Most people that were willing to pay a stupid amount of money for one at launch has done so.

So now there are fewer people looking to pay more than retail for the console, along with increased competition as people saw how lucrative it was and decided to try to sell their own scalped consoles.

"The next shipment of PS5s should last a lot longer. Scalping is becoming less profitable as PS5s price on eBay went average £755 to £680 (disc and dig) and despite AMD issues, this stock will be much bigger for the UK. Expect stock 18th"



CEX is a chain brand that sells used entertainment items from games, films, computer parts, mobile phones and more.

Because of this they don't have to follow pricing laws and can instead set their own laws.

They do sell both versions of the PS5, but be prepared to pay more than RRP for them.

At the time of writing the prices are:



Like CEX, if you're prepared to pay more than RRP and aren't that bothered whether the box has been opened before, then Ebay is one place to consider.

One thing to note is, since you may be dealing with individual sellers there may be a risk involved, so be prepared for that before you bid/purchase.

You can find the consoles here: