Is Dead Island 2 a Single Player Game?

Dead Island 2 zombie

Dead Island 2 zombie

Dead Island 2 will soon be live after years and years of waits, delays, and developer changes.

But, finally, zombie lovers can get some brutal killing done with a numerous number of weapons too.

Additionally, there are six new slayers that players can choose from. Each with different stats and some even have new powers.

With so many slayers to choose from, the community are wondering if this will be a single-player game or not.

Well, DeepSilver DamBusters have now revealed the answer to this question in the recent gameplay videos they released.

So, let's look at whether Dead Island 2 is a single-player game, or if players can join friends to hack and slash together.

Is Dead Island 2 Only Single Player?

It has now officially been revealed that the game will have a multiplayer option!

There hasn't been too much official information put out for how this multiplayer feature will fit into the game.

However, the first Dead Island did include this feature which was much loved by all fans of the game.

Speculation about this feature in the game has gone wild and is being discussed within the community.

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How Will Co-op Work?

As we know, there will be a total of six slayers that players can choose from in Dead Island 2.

Dead Island 2 Slayers
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These playable characters will include...

  • Amy
  • Bruno
  • Carla
  • Dani
  • Jacob
  • Ryan

So, one bit of speculation is that there could be six players joining a Dead Island 2 co-op game at one time.

There is also the possibility of different types of co-op modes such as a campaign playthrough, team deathmatch, or a horde mode.

But, this has not yet been officially confirmed. But, any further information will be updated in this article.

So keep your eyelids peeled back!

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