Dead Island 2 Early Gameplay Details - storyline and gameplay

Dead Island 2 gameplay

Dead Island 2 gameplay

Dead Island 2 has had some lengthy gameplay videos officially released by DeepSilver DamBuster Studios.

However, there have now been some leaks from inside sources detailing some more specific info on the game.

From gameplay to the storyline, to selecting a slayer, they've really given us a VIP scoop of what players should expect.

As content creators and media outputs were able to test the game early, they have provided some much-needed information.

This comes just before the release of the game which is finally coming out on April 28 2023.

So, let's look at some of the finer details of Dead Island 2 and what these sources have said about the finished game.

New Beginnings

As is the same with many popular battle royale games... Fortnite, we're looking at you, Dead Island 2 starts off on an aeroplane.

Crashing into Beverly Hills, players can then choose what slayers they want to take into the field.

With six options, there's more than enough choice for the average player, these include...

  • Amy
  • Jacob
  • Dani
  • Ryan
  • Carla
  • Bruno

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Closed Dead Island

Unfortunately, Dead Island 2 hasn't upgraded much in the sense of map upgrades.

This comes right from official reveals for the game and how it lays out.

Each section of the map will have its own area to explore. But, players must go through a loading screen to get to the new section.

Whilst this isn't the worst news in the world, it can break the hack-and-slash immersion a bit.

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Fun Gameplay in Dead Island 2

The consensus for the gameplay of the game is that it is fun.

On top of all the complaints, moans and groans, this game is just fun and lighthearted.

Dead Island 2 Covr photo
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So, whilst there isn't much of a story or any detailed commentary, the fun is what reigns supreme.

This was also the case with the first game. So, if you're a fan? This will be a great game for you.

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