How to Save in Monster Hunter Stories 2

Monster Hunter Stories 2 has finally arrived, after months of buildup, trailers and leaks. It comes with an addictive gameplay loop consisting of wide areas and role-playing combat. This being said, it's a huge game with so many hours to make your way through. If you need to hold onto your save for the future, there's a few things you should probably know.

With a few central ways of doing so, here is everything you should probably know about saving in Monster Hunter Stories 2.

Is There an Autosave?

The answer to this one, rather resolutely, is yes. There is an autosave function in Monster Hunter Stories 2. This being said, it isn't always clear when it's happening. Mostly, after clearing an area or changing location, you will get a quick symbol in the corner showing it is saving.

As we don't fully know when the saves happen, you might want to rely on standard saves instead. They are more intentional and make up for any mistakes in the autosave process. It's just good practice to regularly save.

How To Save

The first way of doing so is by interacting with Catavns, the adorable little cat helper. You can find them on a map by finding the paw icon. They give you the option to travel places, wait for time to progress or save manually. As a rule of thumb, if you go by one, save.

MOnster Hunter Stories 2 map
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If you don't see a Catavanerr nearby, you can save by going to your home. At any main hub, you can find a little house icon on the map to save. Just go inside and interact with the bed to do so. Make sure to do this regularly to keep all of your data. Good luck out there, you'll need to use those saves.

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