How and when to preload the Rocket League Season 4 update

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Rocket League is about to reach its fourth season and that comes with tonnes of new changes. You can find out all about that via our countdown right here. Needless to say, players are quite excited to get in there and play it themselves.

A good way of cutting down on some of the download time is by getting the update in advance. Here's everything you need to know about preloading.

Rocket League Season 4 Release Date

Season 4 is set to go live on August 11th, tomorrow. This means you have a mere day to get everything prepared and ready to go. Season 4 appears to have a sandy, desert theme going on and should come with some new interesting vehicles and customizations.

Make sure to get in there tonight to get everything ready in time for launch.

How to Preload & Preload Times

As the Tweet below says, you can expect to see the latest game update arrive on August 10th/11th at 4 pm PT / 12 am BST. This is when the update will go live but the game won't automatically update it unless you've set it to do so.

How you get this update is dependant on your platform. If you play on Xbox, you can head to "Manage", then across to "Updates" to find it. You should then see it downloading in the queue.

If you want to play it on PlayStation, you can click to manage the game with the start button and then check for updates. This should then start downloading it for you.

Playing it on PC, you can simply right click on the game and then start the download. Sometimes, these updates don't arrive on time so, if you don't see it on release, just give it a few minutes and it should sort itself out.

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