Will Hogwarts Legacy add Multiplayer?

Hogwarts Legacy Multiplayer

Hogwarts Legacy Multiplayer

Hogwarts Legacy is now well underway, and the huge success of the game is warranted, with the huge open world and much more. The spells and combos you can learn are just the beginning, with fantastic beasts to tame and nostalgic quests to go on.

Multiplayer is a feature that fans have been requesting since the game was first announced. Have the devs come through for us though? Here's everything you need to know about whether it will be enabled on your platform.

Will Hogwarts Legacy have Multiplayer?

There are certainly plenty of new features to keep fans busy in the new Wizarding World game. A fully open world, tons of quest lines both good and evil, and exclusive missions for PlayStation players have all been unveiled.

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Unfortunately, however, multiplayer or co-op gameplay will not be in Hogwarts Legacy. Despite the hopes of fans, the only people you'll be exploring Hogwarts with will be your NPC classmates, and other characters.

While this is a loss for a lot of players, it does certainly allow the graphics and gameplay to be dialed up a notch. After seeing the trailers and reveals, we're certain you won't be wanting for something to do in the new title. The Wizarding World will be at your fingertips.

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Does it require an internet connection?

Those who purchase a physical copy of Hogwarts Legacy will be required to connect to the internet to install a Day 1 patch. Anyone who buys a digital edition will receive the patch with the initial download. They will require an internet connection to download the game though.

Since there are no co-op elements to the game, it seems unlikely that a constant internet connection will be required. There are also no in-game purchases. This very likely means that one will not be needed.

This improves the ease of access to Hogwarts Legacy a lot, which is great news for any game. The more players, the more feedback on gameplay and issues the devs receive. This improves everyone's experience drastically.

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